Original manga artworks, Doraemon Café: What to expect at the Doraemon Exhibition

A small selection of artworks by local artists will also be exhibited.

Farhana Subuhan

Published: 2 November 2022, 10:22 PM

The long-awaited Doraemon Exhibition will be finally opening its doors to the public at the National Museum of Singapore on Nov 5, featuring the contemporary artworks of 28 Japanese artists, as well as the original works of Fujiko F Fujio.

Presented by Leyouki, a sports and lifestyle brand, this is the first time the exhibition will take place outside Japan, along with a small selection of artworks by local creatives, Leslie Kee and Jahan Loh.

Visitors will be greeted by uniquely Singapore versions of original Doraemon collectibles and distinctive artworks that presents the artists’ memories of Doraemon and their take on Japan’s beloved icon.

Here are five things to check out at the upcoming Doraemon exhibition:

MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition

An ardent fan of Fujiko F Fujio’s artworks? The MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition will display more than 70 original drawings and sketches by renowned manga artist, the late Hiroshi Fujimoto.


The Doraemon Exhibition aims to cast a spotlight on the cat style robot’s humble beginnings. MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro/PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN


To add on, this will be the first-ever public showcase in Asia of the original Doraemon creator’s inventive and formative illustrations.

You can also look forward to viewing the Doraemon drawings that were reproduced by other contemporary Japanese artists.

The artworks on display by the 28 other Japanese artists reinterpret Doraemon in our changing world and its cultural impact in contemporary society.

A reimagination of Fujimoto’s Desk

Fujimoto is known to have invested time and effort into the creation of Doraemon, having done extensive legwork on science and science fiction to deliver the crowd-favourite to both the young and the old.

You will be able to interact with a reproduction of Mr Fujimoto’s desk in his workroom where he created many of the Doraemon drawings, featuring his drawing tools as well as books and figures on his favourite themes.


The set-up will not just pose as a photo opportunity for visitors, but give a glimpse of the late Fujimoto’s desk and the books he read. THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION SINGAPORE 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro/ PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN

Doraemon Cafe

If you are looking to quell your hunger pangs, you would be delighted to know that you can also indulge in Doraemon’s favourite snack at the Doraemon Café – dorayakis.


Visitors will be able to grab the doriyakis for $6.90 each. THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION SINGAPORE 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro/ PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN


A doriyaki is a Japanese confectionery made with two pancakes and sweet azuki bean paste filling. The pop-up café is situated at the Basement Gallery Foyer.

The café is created in collaboration with Toraya, an esteemed wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) maker with a history that spans close to 500 years.

Visitors will also be able to grab other snacks that are imported from Japan at the pop-up café.

Sebastian Masuda’s Reinterpretation of Doraemon

A luminary of Japan’s Kawaii culture, you will be able to look at the reinterpretation of Doraemon through the eyes of Sebastian Masuda.

Standing (or rather sitting) at 2.6m tall, Japanese artist Masuda’s reinterpretation is striking, eye-grabbing, and put together with over 10,000 pieces of materials that were sourced from markets all over the world.


Sebastian Masuda shared that it took him a year to build his 2.6m Doraemon sculpture. Sebastian Masuda, ‘Final Weapon’, 2017, THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION SINGAPORE 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro/PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN


If you have time to spare, you can also take home Doraemon with you as Masuda will be conducting workshops where visitors are able to create their own mascots with an array of colourful decorations.

Exclusive Merchandise

You can also take home a piece of the exhibition as there will be an exclusive line-up of Doraemon merchandise from The Doraemon Exhibition and the Fujiko F Fujio Museum. 




Exclusive Doraemon collectibles will also be up for grabs and they will include, tote bags, mugs, stationery items, among others.

The Doraemon Exhibition will take place from Nov 5, 2022 to Feb 5, 2023 and tickets cost $30.

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