Online versions of board games worth checking out

While nothing beats physically playing board games, here are a few online versions worth checking out with your friends!

Matthaeus Choo

Published: 11 February 2021, 10:35 AM

For board game enthusiasts, most would see the analogue version of their favourite tabletop game as far superior to any online versions. There is just something about huddling and having a blast with friends that can’t be duplicated over the Internet.

However, with the recent rise of community COVID-19 cases in Singapore, it has become increasingly prudent to cut down on physical contact. Plans to play board games at a friend or relative’s place may be difficult with the rules and regulations in place.

As such, here are just a few online versions of board games that are well-worth trying out!




If you enjoy games about deducing each other’s identities, give Avalon a try! 

The board game recently surged in popularity due to its appearance on BTS In the Soop. It’s not unlike similar games of deceptions such as Werewolf and video game Among Us. 

What separates Avalon from the pack is with how players don’t die and the relative ease in understanding the game. Check out its online version here.





Looking for something more cerebral to play with your friends? Codenames might just be the board game for you. 

It’s easy-to-understand rules make the board game perfect for the whole family. Players will be tested on how well they are able to stretch their word association skills and if their friends are really on the same wavelength as them. 

The board game’s online version is extremely easy to set up and spend hours of fun with. Check it out here.




The age-old board game recently saw its return to the mainstream spotlight with popular Netflix series Queen’s Gambit. Equally recent is Chess’s welcome to the world of eSports, with streamers of the board game topping viewership counts on streaming platform Twitch last year.  

Often synonymous with sophistication and geniuses, Chess is as accessible as ever. is currently the world’s leading platform for the game, both for casual and competitive play. The website also packs tons of tutorials for every skill level. 




Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is perhaps the final frontier when it comes to online versions of board games. It does exactly as its description entails, where just about any tabletop game (including Mahjong) can be simulated and played over the Internet. 

Those ambitious enough can even try their hand at creating their own board game. 

Tabletop Simulator is available for purchase on Steam – but do look out for packs of four to buy the game with friends at a cheaper price!


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