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Published: 19 November 2020, 8:00 AM

All of us have, at least once in our lives, felt unsure of our future. What careers can fit our interests and strengths? Where can we learn more about different industries and job roles?

These are some of the questions that On My Way!, a newly launched website by the National Youth Council, seeks to answer.

On the website, you can read up more about industries in different fields, hear stories from professionals and find out what suits you best based on your interests through a fun quiz.

Identifying potential careers for yourself

Uncertain about your strengths and interests? The site offers an Interest Quiz to help you figure out the industries you are suited for.


The quiz has 10 questions and asks about academic interests, hobbies, and situational questions to help identify your strengths. PHOTO CREDIT: ON MY WAY!


From your responses to the quiz, the site will recommend the top three industries that suit you best. 


You can click to find out more about each recommended job role. PHOTO CREDIT: ON MY WAY!


If you are curious about the various job industries, the segment Know It All provides information about different job scope’s responsibilities, required skills, estimated salary, possible career paths, and more! 

Everything you need to know about each job role is consolidated in a simple webpage.


Select from a list of job roles under the industries you are interested in to find out more about what that career entails. PHOTO CREDIT: ON MY WAY!

Catching a glimpse of working life

More of a visual learner? On My Way! provides A Day in the Life videos of professionals in different industries, explaining what they do at work. 

From an airforce pilot to a fashion designer, you can hear about personal experiences from a professional worker in the industry you’re interested in.

And if that isn’t helpful enough, there are also online talks held by industry professionals. You can ask questions you might have and listen to their stories in the workforce to gain some insights. 


There are currently two upcoming talks in Dec 2020 and another two in Jan 2021. PHOTO CREDIT: ON MY WAY!


If you missed the Zoom calls about a specific industry, fret not! Network Connects allows you to contact and message seniors from various fields of study on Telegram. Clear any queries you might have and join discussions with other peers.

There are also online chat sessions where you can join a Zoom call with a senior and other peers and get up close and personal with their stories about how they started working in this industry and what it is like.

Join the Telegram group here and start chatting!

Getting first-hand experience

Despite being well-read about an industry, first-hand experiences provide a better understanding and connection with the working industry. But that’s nearly impossible to source out… or is it?

On My Way! makes it easier by offering taster programmes where you can try working in a particular industry for a day, helping you decide if this is what you want to study or work as in the future.


Nov 2020 has four upcoming tasters where you can try working in the social service, healthcare or media industry for a day. PHOTO CREDIT: ON MY WAY!


You will be following industry professionals as they give you insights into certain job roles, and teach you critical core skills valued by that industry.

From experiencing what it’s like to be a marketing strategist at Hatch, to managing a one-stop multi-service centre at Loving Heart, you can use the learning experience you have gained to gauge your interest in devoting your time and energy into this workforce.

If this piques your interest, do sign up soon as there are limited slots available!

Visit for more career guidance resources.

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