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No more sex toys at Don Don Donki

The adult toys at Don Don Donki were removed a day after opening.

Winston Tay

Published: 7 December 2017, 11:54 AM

Don Don Donki opened its doors on Dec 1 to massive crowds in Singapore. The Japanese discount store occupies basement one and two of Orchard Central and is open 24 hours.

In less than two days after the store officially opened, Don Don Donki already made modifications to its display of merchandise. The Tenga sex toys that were originally on display in the Health Goods section were removed from shelves.

On its opening day, sex toys including masturbators and vibrators were openly displayed and up for sale. Photo Credit: Tenga Global

What’s going on? 

Among the wide variety of goods imported from Japan was reportedly a range of sex toys for adults.

By Dec 2 – a day after the official opening – the adult toys were removed from the store. While Don Don Donki has not made an official statement to explain the move, staff approached by Youth.SG said these sex toys were removed after a series of complaints.

Netizens have been discussing if it is  acceptable for department stores to display and sell sex toys.

The shop also stocks costumes that are inspired by Japan’s cosplay culture. Photo Credit: Tay

Natalie Ng, 19, thinks it is right for the store to remove the sex toys.

The Singapore Polytechnic (SP) student said: “Don Don Donki should have considered how this affects the public, especially those below the age of 18. Early exposure to sexual content may have a profound impact on children’s values, attitudes and behaviors toward sex and relationships.”

Some netizens felt the toys could have been covered to be less conspicuous. Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot

On the other hand, third-year SP student Jewelyn Siew, 19, felt it is not the responsibility of Don Don Donki to worry about how they influence children.

She said: “They’re a megastore, not a kid store; it’s like saying 7-Eleven shouldn’t sell condoms and pregnancy kits. It’s the same as condoms – both sex toys and protection promote sex. Instead of complaining about such products on display, it is ironically the responsibility of parents to educate their children about it.”

Other netizens feel that proper sex education is more important that censorship. Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot

Others like NSF Aloysius Chew, 20, felt that receiving a few complaints is normal and should not have led to a shop revamp.

He said: “If businesses sell such products and are licensed to do so, it shouldn’t be the concern of the public what they should or should not sell. At most, move the products to a less visible part of the store. It was extreme for Don Don Donki to have removed them completely.”

Some netizens feel that not all complaints need to be entertained. Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot

What’s your take?

1. Do you think it is acceptable for department stores to display and sell sex toys? Why?

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