No mandatory checking of vaccination status at access points of hawker centres and coffeeshops

Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers will do selective checks as part of their patrols instead.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 11 October 2021, 5:32 PM

No mandatory checking of vaccination status at access points will be implemented at coffeeshops or hawker centres when the vaccinated-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) kick in on Oct 13. 

This is because it would cause considerable inconvenience, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a media advisory.

Instead, the NEA and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) will work with Town Councils and coffeeshop operators respectively, to deploy personnel to verbally advise patrons on the VDS.

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on Saturday (Oct 9) that from Wednesday, Oct 13, only those who are fully vaccinated are allowed to dine in groups of up to two people at hawker centres and coffeeshops.

Those who are unvaccinated can only takeaway food from hawker centres and coffeeshops. They are also not allowed to enter malls, although there will be a one-week grace period from Oct 13 to Oct 19 to allow those unvaccinated and mall tenants to familiarise themselves with the new restrictions. 

Children aged 12 years and below are exempted from this rule. 

NEA will also work with the Hawkers’ Associations for stallholders to advise regular patrons who are unvaccinated to get vaccinated. Diners found to have breached the VDS will be warned and have their particulars recorded. Enforcement action will be taken against repeat offenders and those who refuse to cooperate.

NEA recognises that there are more than 100 hawker centres, each with varying layouts and multiple access points, and more than 1,000 coffeeshops, situated within publicly accessible areas such as HDB void decks. To minimise inconvenience caused to fully-vaccinated diners, agencies will most probably focus their checks during peak hours and at hotspots that have larger congregations of unvaccinated seniors. 

To ensure space and safe distancing between diners as well as stallholders, more seats and tables at particularly congested hawker centres will be cordoned off, if necessary.


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