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Newly launched sustainability programme on the search for green ambassadors in Singapore

The Green Ambassadors will be equipped with the skills and capabilities to design their own sustainability campaign and act as influencers to engage peers to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Published: 5 August 2021, 1:03 PM

As part of Singapore’s sustainable efforts to become a clean and green nation, Minister for National Development Mr Desmond Lee has launched the Sustainability in Singapore (SiS) programme on Thursday (Aug 5).

Organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and Global Action Plan (GAP), the programme aims to provide Green Ambassadors with skills and knowledge that will influence behavioural change in building users to become more sustainable.

Through behavioural change, Singapore can overcome environmental barriers such as a lack of awareness and motivation.

As Green Ambassadors, participants will design and implement scalable campaigns in their building premises to achieve sustainability goals – such as attaining energy efficiency, reducing waste or decreasing the environmental impact of the buildings – all of which will contribute to Singapore’s Green Plan 2030.

The programme will kick off with a two-hour online workshop for Change Managers of the team to receive their basic training. Afterwards, Green Ambassadors will have one or two one-hour coaching sessions with a behaviour change expert.

As Green Ambassadors will receive training via virtual workshops, live stream sessions and meetings, no prior technical expertise is required. 

After completing their training, Green Ambassadors will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to develop their sustainability campaigns.

As part of the training programme, they will learn how to use automated templates on the SiS platform to measure and report on the impact of their campaigns in areas such as energy savings, behavioural change or well-being. 

In addition, they can also become influencers and encourage their colleagues, peers and other building occupants to become involved and drive behavioural change to achieve their sustainability goals. 

The programme is free and open to all individuals and organisations in Singapore. 

Participants are welcome to join the programme as individual applicants or in groups of three to five people from the same organisation. This ensures that they share the same premises to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Upon registration, a behaviour change coach will contact participants to arrange a one-on-one call to discuss the issues preventing these organisations from reaching sustainability and suggest possible solutions.

The programme has no standard timeline as the time investment depends on the scale of each organisation’s campaign and the size of their target group.

Registration is now open. Interested participants can register here or find out more about the programme via their website

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