New Starbucks outlet at Rail Mall features works from 3 artists

Sippin’ coffee while admiring art.

Nur Sabrina

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Published: 4 January 2022, 12:28 PM

Need a calming atmosphere while you sip your morning coffee? Here’s a place for you. 

Apart from being a great spot for some pictures for the Gram, the new Starbucks outlet at Rail Mall features artworks from three artists – Hampton Boyer, Kelly Bjork and Gibran Hamdan. 

Here are the artists featured and the meaning behind some of their works. 

1. Hampton Boyer

Hampton Boyer from Virginia, USA often portrays society-changing milestones in history through his artwork. 

He also wishes for his works to prompt conversation from different perspectives to generate a better society.


With Ethiopia being one of the largest coffee producers, ‘Ethiopia Coffee Farm’ portrays the country’s prosperous coffee trees. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS


‘Rwanda Coffee Farm’ also shows how Rwanda has an ideal geographical location for coffee trees to flourish. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/STARBUCKS SINGAPORE


Boyer’s ‘Ethiopia Coffee Farm’ and ‘Rwanda Coffee Farm’ show the geological features and biodiversity of the places where coffee trees thrive among other plants. 

2. Kelly Bjork

Artist and illustrator Kelly Bjork’s works focus on portraitures and intimacy between loved ones and objects, often portraying the affection that simplicity and tiny details can provide. 


Though ‘Hacienda Alsacia Patchwork’ looks simple, it contains many impressive tiny details. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS


Bjork’s ‘Hacienda Alsacia Patchwork’ features a coffee farm in Hacienda Alsacia located in Costa Rica. 

The artwork is created using simple strokes of the brush to show the terraced hillsides, shade trees and even the Poás Volcano. 

3. Gibran Hamdan

Gibran Hamdan was once a National Football League (NFL) quarterback. After six years in the sports industry, he left to pursue his dream of working in art, design and fashion. Hamdan has since expanded into painting, illustration and graphic design.


The colours used in ‘Flow Nurture’ represents Starbucks’ brand heritage. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS


His typographic illustration titled ‘Flow Nurture’ portrays the word “Nurture”. His art is created using flow lines to depict the flow of time and connection. Additionally, Hamdan used colours inspired by Starbucks’ brand heritage.

If you love Starbucks and art, Rail Mall’s outlet is just the place for you. The outlet opens daily from 8am to 10pm, and is located at 384 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678042.

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