New shop selling frozen yoghurt cubes that look like the ‘wealth’ character mahjong tile

This is the latest of their signature cube-shaped flavours

Alicia Ang

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Published: 24 January 2022, 2:30 PM

If you’re hoping to make a fortune this Chinese New Year against your mahjong kakis, you might want to pay a visit to this frozen yoghurt shop in Kinex mall. 

Yoghurt Lady has just released two new flavours for the festive period, including one shaped like the ‘wealth’ character tile in mahjong. 

Called Fa Cai (prosperity) and Fresh Mandarin, both are available for a limited time only.

Fa Cai is avocado-flavoured (for that green tint, of course) and Fresh Mandarin is made with real mandarin orange pieces mixed into the yoghurt.

Yogurt Lady— which opened on Jan 1 this year — currently sells 16 flavours (including the seasonal flavours) of frozen yoghurt, all uniquely shaped like cubes. 


The shop’s 16 current flavours are a mix of regular and more expensive premium flavours. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/YOGURT LADY


The shop’s other items include an alcohol-free rum and raisin flavour, a Peach Sakura flavour that comes with a pink sakura biscuit, and a Giant Strawberry flavour that has fresh strawberries and strawberry bits. 

Yogurt Lady makes a limited quantity of yoghurt cubes daily, with everything being made from scratch by hand with no preservatives or stabilisers. 

The shop is open from 12pm to 9pm daily, and you can make an order to pick up onsite on its website

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