New portal to support mental health and wellbeing at the workplace

You can now seek anonymous support for your mental wellbeing on this one-stop web app.

Brandon Leong

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Published: 19 October 2021, 12:36 PM

Mental health has worsened in light of COVID-19 and the detrimental effects have taken a toll on people’s physical, mental and emotional health – especially in the workplace. 

To help working individuals that are experiencing burnout and restlessness the Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) and the Public Service Division (PSD) have co-developed a one stop resource – Mindline at Work. 

Mindline at Work was developed based on the feedback by a large pool of public service officers and includes resources and tools to manage stress and emotions at work. This is complemented by PSD’s efforts to create a conducive workplace to support the well-being of staff. 

The one-stop web app serves as a resource to address day-to-day challenges faced by working Singaporeans. To access the application, simply go to and click on the “at work” button. 

There is also a “self” option for people who are not at work and would still like to explore the tools and resources to better help themself understand and manage their well-being and health. 


Users can do a mood check-in or have a conversation about their thoughts and feelings with chatbot Wysa. PHOTO CREDIT: MOH OFFICE FOR HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION


The application includes tools to help working individuals manage stress and anxiety through a range of self-help resources and exercises, including a clinically validated well-being self-assessment tool and an emotionally intelligent chatbot, Wysa. No personal or identifiable information is collected, and users will remain completely anonymous.

The creation of Mindline at Work seeks to normalise conversations about mental health and well-being in the work setting whilst reducing barriers needed to seek help by providing people anonymity and a safe space for trusted local resources and lastly to empower staff to boost their mental well-being.  

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