New Myopia Specialist Centre launched at Camden Medical Centre focusing on research and treatment

The centre will research myopia and what can be done to improve the current treatments.

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Published: 27 May 2022, 2:19 PM

The new Myopia Specialist Centre (MSC) was launched at Camden Medical Centre on Thursday (May 26) to focus on the treatment, research and raising awareness about myopia. 

MSC will serve as Asia’s leading myopia research and education centre, offering treatment for the condition by eye care professionals in Singapore. 

This follows reports from Stan Isaacs Optometrists which noted a sharp increase in both instances and severity of myopia among children aged seven to 12 when pre-pandemic and post-pandemic data were compared. 

Dr Stan Isaacs, director of MSC, said: “It is no coincidence that the spike in numbers took place during the height of the pandemic in Singapore. 

“The Circuit Breaker forced education to go online with Home-Based Learning. People were also encouraged to stay indoors, and that saw more kids spend more time on electronics like mobile devices and game consoles instead of going outdoors.” 

MSC has also partnered with global contact lens leader Menicon to seek out initiatives that will aid the understanding of myopia’s progression, its underlying causes and what can be done to improve upon the pre-existing solutions. 

“We will focus on research and education, particularly in promoting better awareness of myopia and on the development of myopia management programs,” said a Menicon spokesman.

Dr Isaacs also noted that Singapore has been named the myopia capital of the world, with predictions that 80 to 90 per cent of all Singaporean adults will be myopic by 2050. 

He said: “At this rate of around 90 per cent myopia levels, we will find a lot of individuals in their mid-twenties who will have myopia-related pathology. 

“This is especially so if we do not have enough experts in myopia control to contain the situation.”

As such, MSC will be involved in training practitioners in Singapore and from around the region. Experts in the field will also conduct seminars at the centre to educate the public on better eye care.

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