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New look for IKEA Alexandra’s restaurant; all outlets offering seasonal items, discounts

The restaurants will sell exclusive pure lotus mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival.

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Published: 4 August 2022, 6:11 PM

IKEA Alexandra has reopened its newly refurbished Swedish Restaurant featuring revamped seating areas with new furniture.

The new interior of the restaurant is primarily white in colour, with several yellow and green furniture pieces to enhance its aesthetic.


The circular kids play area that was once in the middle of the dining space has been removed. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA SINGAPORE


New seasonal food offerings are also available in August.

To celebrate Meatball Day, IKEA will offer a new menu item, a lobster bisque, that will be sold as a set with its meatballs from Aug 23 to 26.

Customers can choose from its classic meatballs ($15 for 12 pieces), plant-based meatballs ($15 for 12 pieces), a meatball platter ($17) or organic spaghetti with meatballs ($14.40). 

IKEA Family members can also enjoy an exclusive discount during the promotion period. The meatballs and plant balls with the lobster bisque will each cost $12.50 for 12 pieces, while the meatball platter and organic spaghetti with meatballs will cost $13.50 and $12 respectively.


The meatball platter consists of both meat and plant balls, as well as vegetables, mashed potatoes and the lobster bisque. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA SINGAPORE


IKEA’s Swedish Food market will also see the addition of pure lotus mooncakes in commemoration of the Mid Autumn Festival. 

From Aug 22 to Sep 10, the last pure lotus mooncakes will be sold in boxes of four and feature two versions – single yolk and double yolk – and are priced at $42 and $49 respectively.

IKEA Family members can also enjoy a slightly cheaper price for the mooncakes at $39 for the single yolk and $46 for the double yolk.


ikea-alexandra-refurbished-restaraunt-pure lotus mooncakes
The mooncakes will be sold at the Swedish Food Market, while stocks last. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA SINGAPORE


In celebration of National Day, members also get to enjoy exclusive discounts on “crowd favourite” food items from Aug 1 to 9.

The discounted food options for members include Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables ($5.70 for eight pieces), plant balls with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables ($5.70 for eight pieces), smoked pork ribs with black pepper sauce and mushroom soup ($14.50) and D24 durian cream cake and puff ($5.70).


The D24 Durian cake and cream puff is part of IKEA’s recently launched Durian desserts line. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA SINGAPORE


Apart from its food offerings, IKEA will also launch several new product lines in August. 

Some of the new products include the KROSAMOS collection that will feature rustic kitchenware with muted colours, as well as the VÅRDANDE collection which includes sustainable products sourced from India and Vietnam.

More home decoration options will also be available in August, as shoppers can expect to see new products featuring designs such as animal prints and floral patterns with Gustavian influences.

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