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New LEGO Friends to launch; features diverse characters with Down Syndrome, vitiligo

The new LEGO Friends sets will be available for purchase Jan 1, 2023.

Fitri Mahad

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Published: 28 October 2022, 11:42 AM

Fans of the original LEGO Friends set and TV show can expect a new and reimagined generation of characters, with its own LEGO sets and TV series to be launched in January 2023 and February 2023 respectively. 

The new generation will feature eight characters: Autumn, Aliya, Leo, Liann, Nova, Olly, Paisley and Zac. These characters will have “varying skin tones, cultures, physical and non-physical disabilities and neurodiversity”, said LEGO.

Also featured in the sets and series are characters with limb difference, Down Syndrome, anxiety, vitiligo and even a dog with a wheelchair.  

Fans can expect to see these characters try to create friendships as they explore and overcome “modern challenges that they face, passions, obstacles and differences”. 

According to LEGO, this new generation of LEGO Friends is intended to enable more children to feel represented during play and to celebrate diverse friendships in the modern world. LEGO also cites research and insights from kid-testing, including the LEGO Play Well Study 2022.


Paisley’s House set (left) costs $69.90 while Autumn’s House set (right) costs $199.90. PHOTO CREDIT: THE LEGO GROUP 2022


The Dog Rescue Centre set (top left) costs $89.90, the Heartlake International School set (top right) costs $159.90 and the Heartlake Downtown Diner set (bottom) costs $44.90. PHOTO CREDIT: THE LEGO GROUP 2022


There will be five LEGO Friends sets, ranging from $44.90 to $159.90. From Jan 1, 2023, these sets can be purchased at LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, and major retailers and department stores. 

There will also be a LEGO Friends TV series slated to air in February 2023.

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