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New initiative launched to promote coexistence with wildlife in Singapore, website set up to provide information on species

Called Our Wild Neighbours, the initiative aims to educate the public on the variety of wildlife in Singapore and offer ways to participate in conservation efforts.

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Published: 25 April 2022, 12:19 PM

A new islandwide initiative was launched last Friday (Apr 22) to raise awareness and understanding of Singapore’s wildlife.

Named Our Wild Neighbours, the initiative aims to help Singaporeans coexist with native wildlife better, said the Urban Wildlife Working Group in a press release.

The Urban Wildlife Working Group, which is behind the initiative, comprises partners from the nature community including Mandai Nature, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, National Parks Board and Otter Working Group. 

To kickstart the initiative, a new website has been set up as a one-stop platform for the public to learn about the natural habitats and behaviour of the wildlife species. Members of the public can also pick up tips on what to do and avoid when encountering wildlife in various situations. 

Detailed information on specific wildlife like bats, koels and wild boars can also be found on the platform.


pangolin singapore wildlife nature
The public can also view numerous close-up photos of the specific animals in their natural habitats for easier identification in their encounters. PHOTO CREDIT: MANDAI WILDLIFE GROUP


Through the platform, the public can also find and participate in events and activities by partners behind the initiative and get involved in conservation efforts as well. 

Upcoming events listed on the website include storytelling and craft sessions centred around macaques on Apr 30 and a Festival of Biodiversity on May 21 and 22. 

A launch event for the initiative was also held on Apr 22 in celebration of Earth Day, an annual global event to support the environment. 

Minister for National Development and Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration Desmond Lee, who was present alongside partners of the initiative, said: “Living close to nature is a privilege, but it also comes with important responsibilities, because it means we will encounter wildlife more frequently. We have to manage these encounters well and minimise conflicts.

“I encourage Singaporeans to explore the website, participate in the events and activities organised by the OWN partners, and join us to achieve our City in Nature ambition.”

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