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New IKEA collection features sustainable marine-themed toys, backpacks and towels

The collection will launch in physical stores and online on Oct 6, a day before Children's Day.

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Published: 5 October 2022, 10:51 AM

IKEA will release its new marine-themed BLÅVINGAD collection that includes toys, backpacks and furniture on Oct 6. 

The collection was created in response to findings from the IKEA Kid’s Advisory 2020, which showed that children aged eight to 14 from around the world are very concerned about pollution in the ocean and the health of marine animals.

The BLÅVINGAD collection boasts of daily essentials like backpacks and aquatic-themed furniture and toys, supporting sustainable causes by using recycled materials to manufacture these products.

The blue and green BLÅVINGAD backpack ($14.90) has a large capacity and many pockets. It can also be conveniently folded up when empty.


Made with recycled polyester, the three-gallon backpack is also waterproof. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


Inspired by the Blue shark species, the BLÅVINGAD collection includes a shark towel designed with a hood alongside dark blue bath towels with turtle patterns.

The two different types of towels are made of 100 per cent sustainably sourced cotton.


The bath towel (left) costs $19.90, while the towel with hood (right) costs $29.90. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


Aside from sharks, the BLÅVINGAD collection includes other sea-themed furniture such as a green turtle LED wall lamp ($16.90) made out of 50 per cent recycled plastic.


While the green turtle LED wall lamp will be available in stores from Oct 6, the octopus soft toy with LED night light (bottom right) will only be available in Jan 2023 for $24.90. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


Other bedroom furnishings in the collection include KURA bed tents, BLÅVINGAD duvet covers and pillowcases designed to create a soothing setting for children.

The duvet covers and pillowcases come in different colours and designs featuring sea turtles, penguins and ocean waves.


The KURA bed tent (left) costs $49.90 and the duvet covers and pillowcase (right) prices range from $19.90 to $39.90. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


The collection includes a multi-colour fishing game and submarine playset.

Children can build their own submarine from scratch with the 11 pieces, or attempt to “fish” different aquatic animals and trash items with the fishing game set. A five piece soft toy set ($19.90) with ocean animals like the octopus, orca and sea turtle will also be available.


Each fishing game set costs $19.90, and the submarine playset costs $24.90. PHOTO CREDITS: IKEA


As part of Children’s Day celebrations, IKEA will bring back Kids Eat Free, a promotion that gives a free kid’s meal with every main dish purchased from the adult’s menu.

Additionally, special ocean animal buns will be introduced to the IKEA menu on Children’s Day, and the Småland indoor playground at IKEA Tampines will be re-opened on Oct 7.

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