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New gaming reality TV show Good Game Asia to premiere on Jun 10 with challenges set in Singapore

The show brings 15 international gamers together to compete for $200,000 worth of cash and prizes here in Singapore.

Nicki Chan

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Published: 6 June 2022, 5:58 PM

A new reality TV gaming show set in Singapore and featuring 15 international gamers will launch on Jun 10. 

Called Good Game Asia, the reality show is all about finding Asia’s next gaming entertainment superstar. Gamers will participate in both online challenges and physical challenges around Singapore to compete for $200,000 worth of cash and prizes. 

The 15 contestants were selected based on personalities, audience reach and gaming expertise. There are both seasoned and new gamers from nine countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The contestants from Singapore are shoutcaster Hades and streamers Estelle Fly and Cherzinga

Good Game Asia is hosted by Singaporean singer Sezairi and’s Community Lead Syaza Tan. They will also be judges on the show along with Yup,gg CEO Raiford Cockfield. The show will run for 10 weeks. 

“It is important to understand that this is a ‘live’ competition. The content may not all be live, but the 10 weeks of production happen over 10 weeks in reality, enabling our social media to be live and interactive,” said director Jonathan Glazier. 

Through Good Game Asia, contestants have the opportunity to win a professional contract with, the creator of the show, and win sponsorships along the way. 

They will also be housed together during the competition and training, creating “intense and positive competitive energy,” said Jonathan. 

The show will air in English on Warner TV every Friday at 7.35pm from Jun 10, and on Good Game Asia’s website. There will also be live streaming and pre- and post-show commentary by the contestants and local hosts.

“Overall, the biggest appeal of our show will be the authenticity and intensity of the interactions between contestants, especially in the high stakes challenges we set out for them,” said Raiford.

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