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New Fujifilm app lets you print snapshots from your Nintendo Switch

Coming out on Apr 30, the app has many features such as new frames and filters.

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Published: 23 April 2021, 1:06 PM

On Apr 22, Fujifilm announced an upcoming collaboration with Nintendo for the launch of their new smartphone app: Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch. 

Designed for the Instax Mini Link smartphone printer, the Switch-themed version allows users to take snapshots in Nintendo games and print out physical photos of them.

After selecting a photo to print out, a QR code will be displayed on the screen of the user’s Nintendo Switch. 

Afterwards, users just need to scan the code with the app and the image will be transferred to their smartphone. Users can then crop the image before printing it out. 

You can also customise the app with three different themes from games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario and New Pokémon Snap

Fujifilm has also added 59 new frame options, filters and characters users can choose from while decorating their images in the app. Some options include the games mentioned above.


These are some examples of how the frames users will be able to choose from in the future. PHOTO CREDITS: NINTENDO


Simultaneously, Fujifilm is also adding a new color variation Ash White (Red & Blue) to the Link lineup. The base colour of ash white that is complemented by red at the output section and blue around the power button on the front face. 

It is available as a standalone product or a limited-edition kit with a one-of-a-kind silicone case featuring Pikachu from Pokémon to mark the launch of the New Pokémon Snap game for the Nintendo Switch.

Although Nintendo has yet to release the pricing for the case and the printer, the app will be free to download from Apr 30.

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