New features developed for Google Search; improvements to Google Multisearch, Lens, Maps

Machine learning technology is used to create these features.

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Published: 29 September 2022, 6:40 PM

Google Search will soon offer new features that aim to improve existing functions using artificial intelligence, announced the tech giant at its Search On event held on Sep 28.

The Search process first began with typing text in a search box, but has evolved over the years. Now, users can even search for what they see by using a camera.

The improved search functions encompasses Google Maps and Google Lens. A new feature called “Multisearch near me” will also be introduced as an expansion of Google’s Multisearch function when ready.

Google Lens

Google Lens will see an improved translation function where translated text can blend into background images to better break down language barriers and add context to the translations.


A machine learning technology called Generative Adversarial Networks was used to create this function. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE


For instance, users who travel overseas can point their camera at a magazine in another language and see translated text overlaid realistically onto the pictures underneath.

Another feature that will be rolled out in the coming months is named “Multisearch near me”.

The new expansion of Multisearch will enable users to take pictures of unfamiliar items and find them at a local place nearby.

Instead of the usual trial and error methods of searching in a text box when you want a specific result, Multisearch allows users to ask questions about what they see.

As its name suggests, the function incorporates both text and images during the search process, and it was first introduced in April this year by Google.


Users can type down any questions in the search box about a product’s colour, brand or other visual attributes to refine their search after taking a picture of the product. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE


To get started, one can open the Google App on their Android or iOS devices, and tap the Lens icon. 

The user can then take a picture of an item and swipe up before tapping the “+ Add to your search” button to add text if they have something specific they want to find.

Multisearch will also expand to include more than 70 languages in the coming months.

Google Maps

Users can get a feel of a place without ever having been there with the new improvements made on Google Maps.

The simple two dimensional map will evolve into a multi-dimensional view of the real world, giving users an immersive experience when they use Google Maps.


The reimagination of Google Maps was created by combining predictive models and advanced imagery of the world. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE


The update provides users with more information about a place than before, such as visualisations of the weather and how busy an area may be. 

Users can even find out what a place may look like a week or month from when they used Google Maps to search it up.

Aerial views of 250 landmarks were added to the new Google Maps, and the immersive view feature will be rolled out progressively for Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo in a few months on Android and iOS.

There is currently no release date announced for Singapore.

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