New exhibition featuring realistic sculptures to be held at ArtScience Museum from Aug 5

Tickets to the exhibition are available for purchase from Jun 23.

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Published: 24 June 2022, 4:02 PM

The ArtScience Museum will launch a new exhibition titled Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected from Aug 5, 2022 to Jan 29, 2023, in collaboration with Institute for Culture Exchange in Germany.

The exhibition will showcase more than 40 artworks of animal and human hybrids coexisting. It is also the first major solo showcase in Southeast Asia for Patricia Piccinini’s, one of the world’s leading contemporary artists.

Patricia has spent the last three decades learning about the relationship between humans and nature and had major solo exhibitions in other parts of the the world before. She is known for her realistic and captivating sculptures that showcase the ever-changing human body.

Her work will depict the unusual mutations of people and nature, and shed light on the effect of technology such as genetic engineering and cloning.


Patricia challenges conventional concepts such as beauty, perfection, and the ideal body by creating hyper-realistic sculptures of hybrid creatures. PHOTO CREDIT: PATRICIA PICCININI AND INSTITUTE FOR CULTURE EXCHANGE


The artworks presented in the exhibition will reveal a sense of vulnerability and empathy as well as encourage visitors to reconsider how each human being is related to one another.

Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected will feature Patricia’s artworks from the 2000s to 2021 and is divided into six sections, showcasing a variety of sculptures, videos, collages and installations.

The exhibition will allow visitors to appreciate Patricia’s efforts in using mediums such as silicone, fiberglass, resin and unorthodox components such as human hair.


One of the artworks that will be featured in the exhibition is The Young Family (2003). PHOTO CREDIT: PATRICIA PICCININI AND INSTITUTE FOR CULTURE EXCHANGE


The majority of the artworks will also emphasise the bioethical challenges that are related to humankind as well as highlight relevant issues such as existence, climate change and technology.

Despite the artworks appearing disturbing and unsettling, Patricia managed to create a wholesome and loving image by depicting the hybrid creatures interacting in loving and empathetic ways, said Marina Bay Sands in a press release.

Tickets are priced at $18 for adults and $14 for children and are available for purchase from Jun 23.

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