New event at ArtScience Museum will take visitors Beyond Earth

The event will feature space-themed Virtual Reality (VR) artworks and films that examine the mythology and science of space travel.

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Published: 9 November 2021, 4:51 PM

Beyond Earth, a lineup of space-themed Virtual Reality (VR) artworks and films that examine the mythology and science of space travel, will run from Nov 25, 2021 to Feb 27, 2022 at the ArtScience Museum.

The programme will allow you to retrace the footsteps of the first humans on the moon with virtual reality. Called Spacewalkers, the two thrilling VR artworks will allow visitors to step into the shoes of astronauts during the famed Apollo missions and depict the future of space travel to Mars.

The first part of Spacewalkers will see visitors following the Apollo programme, from the launch to its return to Earth. Patrons will experience stunning lunar panoramas reconstructed from Apollo 17 image archives, as well as see things from the perspective of an astronaut.

This includes peering through mirror-glazed visors and hearing your soul rattle as you hurtle across the stars.

The second part of Spacewalkers will see guests immersed in fascinating settings of current and future space missions, such as Apollo 11’s landing site and the mysterious Red Planet.

The two VR films incorporated NASA recordings and data. PHOTO CREDIT: FABER COURTIAL

Tickets to the event cost $16 for adults and $12 for seniors, students and persons with disabilities (PWD). The VR Gallery experience is suitable only for people 13 years old and above.

Films exploring the dark and beautiful corners of space will also be screened at the ArtScience Museum from Nov 22, 2021 to Feb 27, 2022.

These include animated classics and critically acclaimed blockbusters such as WALL-E and Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out. These movies are a mix of free and paid admissions with online pre-booking.

Online bookings for the movies will start on Nov 18.

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