New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ movie sequel to be released in 2022

Toei Animation made the surprise announcement on Goku Day.

Xynthea Ong

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Published: 10 May 2021, 1:44 PM

On Goku Day (May 9) – an annual Dragon Ball universe celebration – Toei Animation announced the upcoming release of Dragon Ball Super in 2022. 

In an official statement, Dragon Ball creator Toriyama Akira hinted that fans can keep a lookout for “extreme and entertaining bouts”, with the possibility of featuring an unexpected character.

Although the movie will take place during the Dragon Ball Super arc, it will not be a direct sequel to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that was released in December 2018.

Created in 1984, the Dragon Ball series has become a household name with popular characters such as Goku and Vegeta. The series has sold almost 260 million paperback copies worldwide.

Loosely based on the Chinese folk tale Journey to the West, Dragon Ball follows the adventures of Son Goku as he works to hone his martial art skills and defeat his opponents from different parts of the universe.

Similar to the first Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, Toriyama will also be heavily involved in leading the story and dialogue production for the upcoming film. 

He also mentioned that the movie will be “charting through unexplored territory” in terms of its visual aesthetics to “give the audience an amazing ride.”

Fans can keep a lookout for updates on Dragon Ball Super via Toei Animation’s official website.

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