New Bayshore housing estate to supply 10,000 homes; 2 new Build-To-Order projects to launch in 2024

The area is planned to be a ‘smart and sustainable’ estate with high connectivity between facilities.

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Published: 17 October 2023, 1:50 PM

The new Bayshore housing estate will supply about 10,000 homes, including 7,000 units of public housing, the Housing Development Board (HDB) announced on Monday (Oct 16).

This will include two Build-to-Order (BTO) projects that will launch next year, potentially under the new Plus model. 

The model, introduced under a new classification system in August, is reserved for choicer flats. It has a minimum occupation period of 10 years, and owners who choose to sell their flats will have to pay a proportion of the resale price. 

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The first two projects will have about 1,400 units of two-room Flexi to four-room flats, which comes with full height windows to accommodate waterfront views.  


Structural beams and columns within the flats will be kept to the edges of each unit to allow residents “flexibility of customising the unit’s layout”. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


The area will provide residents with a “unique waterfront living experience”, said HDB. 

It is also planned to be a smart and sustainable space with high connectivity between a variety of recreational facilities and amenities. 

HDB will develop the estate with an eye on sustainable design strategies. For instance, its first two BTO projects will feature solar-ready roofs, for solar panels to be mounted and maintained.

Accessibility plans

Most homes in the Bayshore area will be within a five-minute walk from upcoming MRT stations.

The estate will be designated as a “car-lite” estate where green commuting is encouraged. 

This will be facilitated by wider sheltered pavements for commuters and the creation of a 400m bus-only Transit Priority Corridor along Bayshore Drive.


Besides the Priority Corridor, HDB has outlined plans for a new integrated development that will connect to the upcoming Bedok South MRT station. A new bus interchange will also be built. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


In an attempt to encourage residents to lead active and healthy lifestyles, the estate will also feature walking trails where residents can explore. 

For cyclists, there will be a dedicated network of cycling paths with connectivity to the Round Island Route and the planned central green corridor from East Coast Park to Changi Beach.


To improve accessibility from Bedok to Bayshore, existing drains leading into the area from the Upper East Coast will be converted into walkable pedestrian paths. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD

Amenities and facilities

A new street, Bayshore Drive, will be constructed at the estate’s centre, with housing developments on either side. The street is intended to function as an “activated community spine”. Along its length, there will also be shops, supermarkets, health facilities, and sports and recreational facilities. 

Within the housing precincts, there will also be play areas, with the interactive and educational facilities forming a “loop” across the estate that links between each facility.


The loop is planned to connect several housing projects, and will be marked with guiding precinct markers. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


Aside from these facilities and amenities, recreational areas will also be offered to residents, including new parks and green spaces. 

These plans involve the construction of a new three-hectare central park within surrounding housing developments and a new linear park along the estate’s edge. 


The linear park will celebrate the old coastline’s heritage by incorporating a rustic theme and elements like seawalls. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


All residents will be able to access amenities and facilities throughout the estate. 

Plans for the Bayshore area will be available for public viewing at HDB Hub’s ground floor from Oct 19 until late 2024. The general public is invited to give feedback on the proposal.

HDB Hub is located at 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480.


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