Never a blue moment with the Blue Man Group

Trust me. You’ll be anything but blue at this performance.

Camillia Dass

Published: 1 August 2016, 11:59 AM

With their vibrant energy and electrifying colours, the Blue Man Group took to the stage and blew the crowd away.

Their thundering sound and otherworldly behaviour came together to form one of the most magical and heart stopping experiences that I have ever experienced.

During the media preview last evening at Marina Bay Sands, I was constantly on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what they would do next, where they would appear when the lights shifted and how the music would move with them.

You could not anticipate anything. Everything that happened was completely out of the blue. (No pun intended.)

The Blue Man Group, which comprises Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink, is a performance company that was started in 1991 by Phil. The trio started playing on the streets and steadily grew to be the global phenomenon that they are now.


The blue men performed a spectacular piece with pipes.
Photo credit: Lindsey Best


Blue man Meridian (left) and musical director Antonio Aguirre (right) at the media call.


Performing in Singapore for the first time, musical director Antonio Aguirre shared more about the Singapore show: “There’s lots of new content and sections and if you are from the Singapore audience, you will be the first to see it.”

Meridian, captain of the Blue Men, agreed animatedly. He talked about how the show has changed over the years. “The Blue Man is very curious and inquisitive about the world. So, as the culture in the world changes, so does the Blue man. We evolve with the world and in response to the world.”

The show opened with the trio’s famous paint drumming act which they have performed in commercials in the past. The Blue Men slammed into their drums and let the paint fly. It was truly magical to watch in real life.


The blue men performing their famous paint drumming set.
Photo credit: Lindsey Best


Meridian added: “Everything that happens is live and in the moment. In every show, moments happen that are wildly unpredictable and we just roll with it.”

Indeed, the show was very dependent on how the audience reacts. The Blue Men utilised every opportunity to involve the audience. In fact, for every missed catch or prop gone wrong, the Blue Men instantly found ways to turn it into a joke and simply carried on.

From throwing a spotlight on latecomers to grabbing a woman’s bag and shoving chewed gum into it, the Blue Men never faltered for one second. Nothing could throw these guys off!

Humour aside, the show also focused on our desire to connect with people. For instance, the Blue Men gently poked fun at technology while forcing the audience to examine how we recklessly put ourselves in the path of danger just to stay connected.


The blue men both mocked and embraced modern technology.
Photo credit: Lindsey Best


The spectacular show ended with one of their famous dance parties. The audience were invited (or rather commanded) to stand up while we were showered with streamers amid wild music and giant inflatable balls.

If you’re feeling blue or just if you feel like having a good time, make sure you check out the Blue Man Group while they’re still in town.

The Blue Man Group is showing at the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands till Apr 23, 2016. Tickets are available at SISTIC.

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