Netflix to release live-action Gundam movie

Adapted from the Gundam franchise, the movie will be directed by Kong: Skull Island’s director Jordan Vogt Richards.

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Published: 13 April 2021, 1:29 PM

Netflix announced on Monday (Apr 13) that Legendary Entertainment and Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt Richards are working together on a live-action Gundam movie. 

Gundam, an anime series created by Sunrise Studios, features giant robots called “Gundam”. The popular franchise was launched with Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979 and has since spawned multiple spin-off shows and merchandise. 

The original Gundam franchise takes place in the futuristic Universal Century, where giant robots engage in war battles as human colonies in space fight for independence from Earth.

As Netflix has yet to release further details about the movie’s actual plot, it remains unclear if the movie will be set in the same Universal Century.


Netflix has yet to announce the live-action film’s release date, characters and plot. PHOTO CREDIT: MARK CHAN VIA UNSPLASH


If Vogt Richards and Legendary Entertainment decide to take influence directly from the original Gundam anime, fans can expect numerous exciting space battles among the giant robots.

More details about the movie will be released in the upcoming months.

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