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Netflix releases 11 Squid Game virtual backgrounds for your online meetings

Don’t worry, you’re free to move.

Amanda Tan

Skills include buying the same jeans in different colours.

Published: 6 October 2021, 1:49 PM

Think you’ve had enough of Squid Game? Think again.

Following the sensational Korean series, Netflix has released 11 high-resolution photos from various iconic scenes in the show. Available in both landscape and portrait formats, you can choose to use them for your virtual meetings or even for filming TikToks!

Here’s a quick look at some of the backgrounds:

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead.

1. 1970s South Korean neighbourhood

Is work making you lose your marbles? Why not choose this scene from the infamous Gganbu episode to hint to your boss to cut you some slack.


Ah yes, everyone’s “favourite” episode. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


While this might have been Squid Game’s most heartbreaking hour, there’s nothing better than a golden hour sunset to help chase away the gloom in your Zoom meetings!

2. Playground

Going for an interview? Decide whether you’ll make it or break it with this dreamscape from The Man with the Umbrella.


The Honeycomb Game will make you realise that working from home isn’t so bad after all. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


Even if you fail, no worries. Just remind yourself that the sky’s the limit! After all, the sweet things in life never come easy.

3. Toilet

Feeling down in the dumps? Here’s a way you can escape from Hell.


The only downside is that there’s no triangle-masked guard to help you with your connectivity problems. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


This background will remind you to take toilet breaks every now and then to flush away all that stress from work!

4. The feast

Sick of tanking all your group projects? Let your teammates know you’re the Front Man and you’ll be the only one coming out of this alive.


Like the calm before the storm. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


You never know, this background might just give them that subtle push to start pulling their weight.

Unfortunately, scenes from the fan-favourite Red Light, Green Light episode have not been released. But who knows? Maybe they’ll release it soon. We all know how unpredictable Squid Game is. 

You can download all 11 backgrounds from Netflix’s Facebook here.

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