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Netflix developing new Ultraman animated feature film

The animated film is a collaboration between Netflix and Ultraman original creator, Tsuburaya Productions.

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Published: 17 May 2021, 1:42 PM

Netflix has announced its plans to develop a new Computer Graphic (CG) Ultraman film with its original creator, Tsuburaya Productions

The upcoming movie will introduce baseball star Ken Sato as the new hero. While the ongoing Netflix series follows the storyline from the 1960s live-action show, the movie will feature a different plot instead to reach out to a new global audience.

The movie will follow Ken as he dons the iconic Ultraman silver suit and raises a newborn kaiju monster – all while fighting the forces of evil against the Kaiju Defense Force.

The Ultraman franchise has more than 50 years of history, having first appeared on a Japanese television series in 1966. 

Ultraman is a half-human and half-alien evil-fighting giant who gained his abilities after his accidental death by an alien giant.

The Japanese superhero continued to appear in more than 30 movies and dozens of television shows over several decades, becoming one of Japan’s most beloved heroes for years.

Shannon Tindle is set to direct the film and Tom Knott is set to produce it. The film has not set a release date and no actors have been hired yet. However, Netflix has shared its plans to cast both Japanese and western voices.

Chief executive of Tsuburaya Productions, Takayuki Tsukagoshi said in a statement: This partnership with Netflix will be the first full-scale endeavor to reach the global market for Tsuburaya Productions. Ultraman, since it was created, has charmed many people around the world.”

“I am delighted that families around the world will be able to watch Shannon and his team’s vision for Ultraman on Netflix and foster feelings of courage, hope and kindness.”

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