Necrosoft Games offers special bundle of almost 1000 games for just US$10 to raise charity funds for Ukraine

The bundle contains 992 games, including popular titles such as Celeste and Towerfall.

Harshiyne Maran

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Published: 11 March 2022, 3:31 PM

In a bid to help Ukrainians through the current crisis, Necrosoft Games has partnered with over 700 creators to put together a heavily discounted game bundle on indie game hosting website 

The bundle has popular games like Celeste and TowerFall that have already garnered brand status amongst fans. This is in an effort to encourage buyers to purchase the bundle, according to the director of Necrosoft Games Brandon Sheffield.

The bundle offers 992 products for a minimum donation of USD$10 (S$13). Users can also choose to donate above the minimum, as the proceeds will be going to charitable organisations. 

The various products offered include different types of games, asset packs, books, zines and comics amongst the various offerings in the bundle. In total, the retail price of the items in the bundle amount to USD$6,500 (S$8,835.16).

In a blurb on, Necrosoft said: “As game developers we want to create new worlds, not to destroy the one we have.”

The message put forth seems to have resonated with creators globally, as several of the developers listed in the bundle signed up specifically to raise funds for Ukraine.

Of over 700 creators, several are prominent publishers who have signed up specifically to donate their work such as Maddy Makes Games, who produced the games Celeste and TowerFall Ascension. 

Additionally, from the 992 products offered, over 600 have never been part of a major bundle before. 

Proceeds from the bundle sales will be split equally amongst two charities, Ukraine International Medical Corps and Voices of Children

International Medical Voices focuses on providing medical assistance within the region, while Voices of Children is an Ukrainian based organisation that helps children to cope with the aftermath of war through grassroots work such as setting up shelters.

As of current, the fundraiser has already achieved 94 per cent of its USD$4,000,000 (S$5,436,880) goal. There have been over 262,000 contributors with the highest contribution amounting to USD$9000 (S$12,233.20).

Necrosoft aims to reach the target amount by Mar 18.

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