NDP 2020 fun packs renamed ‘Singapore Together’ pack

Fewer fun packs will be produced for the new version, which includes two bottles of hand sanitisers and face masks.

Esther Lam

Published: 5 June 2020, 4:55 PM

Previously, the National Day Parade (NDP) executive committee announced on May 20 they would be distributing NDP 2020 fun packs to every Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) household.

While Singaporean Kaushik Ilago started a petition urging the NDP executive committee to better use the resources elsewhere, Member of Parliament Louis Ng assured citizens in his Facebook post that their suggestions were in discussion.

Thankfully, the voices of these people were heard.

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) revealed today (Jun 5) that this year’s National Day fun packs – now known as the Singapore Together pack – will be available for collection at community clubs and residents’ committees for those who want one.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen added that NDP organisers will be producing enough packs for about 80 per cent of households, instead of the annual 90 to 95 per cent they cater to.

This year’s NDP 2020 will be broadcast live online and on television. PHOTO CREDIT: NDPEEPS’ FACEBOOK

As compared to previous fun packs that usually comprise 20 to 25 items, there are only 12 items in the Singapore Together fun pack.

It contains two bottles of hand sanitisers, a thermometer, face masks and two Singapore flags – a full-sized cloth flag and the handheld flag.

Other miscellaneous items include face tattoos, iron-on flags that can be attached to reusable face masks, red-filter mini stickers that can be fixed to phone torches, and a Singapore Together commemorative magnet. Snacks and canned drinks will be provided by local food and beverage companies.

Singaporeans are also encouraged to express their appreciation to COVID-19 frontliners with a pledge card which is also included in the fun pack.

The bag itself can be reused as a grocery bag and folded into a small pouch. Dr Ng also mentioned that the bags will feature designs by artists with disabilities and selected primary five students.

The youths we asked were comforted by the government’s response and felt that their voices were heard.

19-year-old student Lee Zhi Ying said: “I think the government is trying to strike a balance between saving resources and uniting people during this period after receiving feedback from the public. It helps in uniting Singaporeans during this trying time.”

Similarly, fellow student Gabriel Phua also welcomed the news.

“Personally, I would collect the NDP packs because they’re already made and they do have some use. I also think this is a good move for Singaporeans who are excited for NDP. I hope there will be a schedule in place to avoid large crowds from gathering during collections,” said the 21-year-old.

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