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Nasty Cookie to release brownies shaped like cat poop on Oct 16

Probably the nastiest brownie ever.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 15 October 2021, 11:39 AM

Yes, you read that right. Nasty Cookie is certainly living up to its name. 

The gourmet cookie brand is launching these nasty looking treats this Saturday (Oct 16). The Cat Poop Brownies are priced at $5 and will come along with cookie crumbs disguised as cat litter.

“Sorry for being a party pooper, we simply cannot hold it in anymore. We are releasing something nasty this Saturday,” Nasty Cookie announced in an Instagram post on Oct 14.

However, the post met with mixed reactions.

One user, @/foodie.jenjen, wrote, “What has the world become? Why do we need to pay for (poop) looking cookies?”

Another user, @/shireenbbham, shared a similar sentiment: “Can you think of a more pleasant name?”

Other users seemed to be confused but excited to try the brownies, with many of them tagging their friends and loved ones in the comments.

This is the first time Nasty Cookie has come up with such an unusual invention.

The last time they ventured into something this creative was in late March, when they launched their Cookie Nuggets — Nasty Cookie’s signature chocolate chip cookies with a creamy Speculoos sauce.

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