Naomi Neo among 12 local creators working with YouTube and Ministry of Home Affairs to increase scam awareness

The videos will continue to roll out until the end of 2023.

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Published: 10 October 2023, 2:34 PM

Avoiding scams may seem simple for youths. All it takes is avoiding a couple of sketchily-worded emails or dodging unknown phone calls, right? 

Unfortunately not. Young adults may be surprised to learn that they are actually the age group most likely to fall for online scams

Scams can hit anybody, even the most tech-conscious, and that’s why YouTube and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) have announced a collaboration with local creators to fight against scams. 

The collaboration will be carried out in support of the national anti-scam campaign I can ACT Against Scams, which encourages Singaporeans to Add, Check and Tell to safeguard themselves against scams.

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This is the second time YouTube is running the Creators for Impact programme. The first edition was targeted at mental health awareness and featured creators like Our Grandfather Story, Just Keep Thinking, and Doctor Tristan Peh. 

According to Ajay Vidyasagar, Managing Director for YouTube Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets, the programme is “testament to the resolve of our local creator community to use their voice for good through storytelling.”

The programme received video submissions from creators such as TheAstuteParent’s Josh Tan, the One Day at a Time podcast, and Seth Wee of Sethisfy Personal Finance. Naomi Neo, who used comedy to highlight every individual’s vulnerability to scams, emerged as the “hero collaborator.”

“We have a good position to create awareness to stop things like scams from happening,” she shared at the YouTube Creators for Impact event on Oct 6. “In the video I am going to create, you can expect a bit of fun while also having educational information on the seriousness of rising scams and helping people through that.”

Videos from the other participant creators will also be featured on Google Singapore’s page.


Seven videos have already been shared as of August this year. The remaining content will continue to be rolled out until the end of 2023. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE SINGAPORE


The scam awareness content can be viewed via a YouTube playlist on Google Singapore’s YouTube page.

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