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Mystery books for the inquisitive soul

Bury your nose in these thrilling worlds, full of mystery, drama and intrigue.

National Reading Movement (@readingnationSG)
National Reading Movement (@readingnationSG)

Published: 5 November 2021, 2:37 PM

As youth, we often encounter situations that seem straightforward at first, but reality can definitely be more mysterious, and end up confronting our innocent, black and white worldview.

How do we differentiate between right and wrong? While this article may not be able to provide the answers to such moral dilemma, it can recommend three mystery books that will certainly get you thinking.

Briefly escape from the increasingly complex reality facing you by exploring the mysterious secrets held within fictional worlds! Bury your nose in these thrilling worlds, full of mystery, drama and intrigue.

“One of Us is Lying” by Karen M. McManus


As youth, we will definitely encounter dishonesty in our lives. Secrets too!

Karen M. McManus takes us straight back to our secondary school days, but not as innocently this time for lives are at stake. This complex whodunnit lets the readers attempt to solve the mystery too, so keep your eyes peeled!

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“The Guest List” by Lucy Foley



This No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller checks all the boxes for a mystery thriller.

Set on a remote island with no way out featuring 13 unique guests, this modern spin on a classic premise sets the stage for a suspense-filled novel and will leave readers on the edge of their seats all the way through.

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“We were Liars” by E. Lockhart



Mistakes have consequences. That’s the important life lesson in this award-winning novel by E. Lockhart is set on the private island of the wealthy Sinclair family. Cadence Sinclair struggles to recover her memories and unroot what happened two years ago, an event that has forever changed her once perfect family.

With twists and turns at every corner, this is a must read for the mystery aficionado.

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