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Music and food festival Gastrobeats returns at Bayfront from Jun 3

Tickets for the fun and exciting event are available now.

Kassandra Kasman

Waiting for a Winnie-the-Pooh and Vampire Diaries crossover.

Published: 23 May 2022, 4:28 PM

Lifestyle festival Gastrobeats returns at the Bayfront Event Space from Jun 3 to Jun 26, after a hiatus of four years.

Last held in 2018 in conjunction with I Light Singapore, Gastrobeats will be bringing over a variety of food vendors, graffiti installations as well as local and international chefs.

The event consists of four zones: Local Streets, Arts Zone Graffiti, Culinary Masters with Sarah Todd and Jumptopia. A separate ticket is needed for the latter two zones.


There are other vendors available such as Asia Virtual eSports and iCLAW Amusement. PHOTO CREDIT: GASTROBEATS


There will be over 20 food stalls and more than five retail vendors available in the Local Streets zone. This includes both street food vendors and home-based businesses. 

Some of the food vendors include Big Boy Franks, T Bob’s Corner, Waffl and An Acai Affair while retail vendors include Fawn Labs, Sachi and Zenko Superfoods.

The Art Zone Graffiti, organised by Graffight, will showcase a friendly battle between local Graffiti Writers. There will be three judges at the competition, SYCO, TraseOne and SlacSatu.This zone will only be open on Saturdays.

At the Culinary Masters with Sarah Todd zone, visitors can get to taste creations from local and international MasterChefs such as George Calomboris, Sarah Todd, Genevieve Lee and Singapore’s MasterChef Season 2 winner, Derek Cheong.

The menu and schedule will change every week, and tickets to this zone are priced at $70 and will include four dishes as well as admissions to Gastrobeats.

Children and adults can also play at Jumptopia’s first outdoor setup. Tickets cost $20.50 on weekdays and $23.50 on weekends for an hour’s play. This will also include general admission to Gastrobeats.

There will also be live performances featuring dancers, musicians and comedians. The full line-up will be released soon on Gastrobeats website.

Tickets for Gastrobeats General Entry will be priced at $9 and includes admission to Local Streets, Art Zone Graffiti and the live performances only.

Gastrobeats is open daily from Jun 3 to Jun 26 from 10.30am to 10.30pm.

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