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Museum of Ice Cream opens its doors at Dempsey

The Museum of Ice Cream celebrates and provides an unparalleled ice cream experience for all its guests.

Khalisa Zulkiflee

Creative writer and comedian on the side.

Published: 20 August 2021, 1:35 PM

Ice-cream lovers, prepare yourselves for the greatest sweet treat: Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC)! 

First announced as one of the three new attractions that will open this year in Singapore, the charming dessert place has been making waves on the Internet since opening in New York in 2016 and now it’s finally here in the historical enclave of Dempsey. 


It’s confirmed: all corners of the MOIC are Gram-worthy! PHOTO CREDITS: NUR SHAZRIENA


The striking pink row of barracks sitting atop a 60,000 square foot property amongst black and white buildings at the end of Loewen Road shows only a fraction of the pink happiness and magic you’ll find inside it. 


The MOIC also has an outdoor bar and cafe. PHOTO CREDIT: NUR SHAZRIENA


“We have been looking forward to opening our first-ever international location for years, and we cannot be more thrilled to launch officially in Singapore today,” said the Co-Founder and Creative Director of MOIC, Maryellis Bunn.

Guests are hosted by MOIC’s cheerful and welcoming guides as they experience 14 multi-sensory installations and tasty indulgence. 


The Scream Diner has pink, glossy high chairs, three old-style telephones on a wall and a jukebox. PHOTO CREDITS: NUR SHAZRIENA


Some of the main highlights are the Scream’s Diner that comes with a jukebox that plays oldies jams, a bouncing house made for all ages, and the Sprinkle Pool that can hold up to 20 people even while adhering to safe distancing measures! 

MOIC serves ice cream delicacies with a local twist to further localise their brand for Sinagporeans and tourists alike to enjoy.

Among the flavours guests can expect to enjoy are Pulut Hitam Potong Ice Cream, Lemon Bliss Balls, Apple Soft Serve, Lychee Bandung and Taro Milk Tea ice cream. Another interesting flavour to try would be the Pina Colada ice cream! 

In the spirit of National Day, MOIC kicked off their opening with traditional games and activities for adults and children to enjoy such as Chapteh and Five Stones in the Playspace.


The iconic Toa Payoh dragon playground is featured in the MOIC. PHOTO CREDITS: NUR SHAZRIENA


Other local touches added to MOIC are the HDB-inspired Dragon Playground in the Playspace and a room full of potong ice cream, a local version of the popsicle.


Merchandises created in collaboration with local brands such as Kora, an athleisure brand, are sold in their gift shop with a National Day discount. PHOTO CREDITS: NUR SHAZRIENA


Aside from that, MOIC has more than just treats and sprinkles to offer. Their picturesque hallways connecting the barracks are also just as glamorous as their rooms. 

They have a walkway of bananas, a calming blue mirrored hallway for you to stroll through, and more! 


A room of magnet walls for you to spread the love! PHOTO CREDITS: NUR SHAZRIENA


For those who are fully-vaccinated, they can enjoy the museum in groups of up to five persons, including unvaccinated children under the age of 12 if they are all from the same household. Unvaccinated guests will have to show a valid negative COVID-19 test taken within the last 24 hours. 

As the MOIC is committed to providing an inclusive environment, they are also wheel-chair friendly. 

MOIC Singapore is open from Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 11pm. Ticket prices start from $38 and there are package deals available.

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