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MUJI launches clothing collection designed for hot and humid weather

The collection is split into three categories - Men's and Ladies' Everyday Wear, the MUJI Walker Series and Home Wear.

Fitri Mahad

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Published: 12 October 2022, 1:05 PM

For those that struggle with sweating through their clothes in our warm climate, you can consider browsing through MUJI’s new clothing collection.  

Titled MUJI NEW COLLECTION 2022, this is the Japanese brand’s first collection that is designed and adapted for the hot and humid weather in ASEAN countries.

The collection is made with materials such as organic cotton and lyocell through an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, according to MUJI.

The collection spans three categories: Home Wear, MUJI Walker series and Men’s and Ladies’ Everyday Wear.

The Home Wear line is MUJI’s new series that was first launched in its ASEAN locations. The apparel is intended to be worn either as casual house wear or during the night.


The T-shirt and pants set for males are priced at $39.90 while the ladies’ T-shirt and pants are sold separately at $19.90 each. PHOTO CREDIT: MUJI SINGAPORE


The MUJI Walker series is designed for light exercises and features moisture-absorbing material and an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50. The clothing also stretches, repels water and blocks the wind.


Both the men’s and ladies’ hoodies go for $29. The men’s shirt is priced at $29.90, while the ladies’ T-shirt and pants cost $19.90 and $29.90 respectively. PHOTO CREDIT: MUJI SINGAPORE


With minimalist colours, the Men’s and Ladies’ Everyday Wear aims to evoke a sense of versatility, allowing it to be used for “any occasion”. The clothing is also made with materials that are “soft and breathable” on the skin.


The hat is priced at $43 while the red shirt goes for $49. PHOTO CREDIT: MUJI SINGAPORE


The MUJI NEW COLLECTION 2022 is available at all MUJI outlets.

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