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More than 70 Chinese-Peranakan culture artefacts on display at Gardens by the Bay till May 3

GBTB is also selling their 10 Years Of Wonders season pass for unlimited entry to Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

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Published: 11 April 2022, 6:25 PM

More than 70 artefacts of Chinese and Peranakan culture are on display at Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) from now till May 3. 

These artefacts are loans from local cultural and historical museums The Intan, Peranakan Museum, and The Society for Chinese Ceramic Studies. It will be showcased alongside peonies at GBTB’s Precious Peony floral display.

This is the first time GBTB is collaborating with local museums for a floral display in its 10 years. 

Some of the artefacts on display include everyday items unique to the Chinese Peranakan culture such as kasut manek (hand-beaded slippers), chupu (covered jars) and bakul siah (wedding baskets). 


Precious Peony pays tribute to the hearts and minds of Chinese immigrants in search of their new home and how the peony evolved along with the Chinese culture. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


An antique blackwood bench inlaid with mother-of-pearl, which is an example of fine furniture found in the homes of wealthy Chinese Peranakans; A Chinese robe that shows how people adapted their lifestyle in the post-war austerity period, by blending traditional Qing-era embroidery techniques with mass produced fabric; and a rare iron-splash glazed blackware vase are also on display. 


The peonies are shipped from Japan, Netherlands, Israel, and China. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


Separately, Taiwanese artist Lee Kuang Yu has donated a sculpture, tilted Thinker, to GBTB. It will be a permanent addition to Cloud Forest.  


The sculpture pays tribute to nature and life, and represents a valuable art exchange between Taiwan and Singapore. PHOTO CREDIT: CHINI GALLERY


The Thinker was one out of the 16 sculptures by the artist in A Sculptor’s Secret Garden, the first full-scale art exhibition in Cloud Forest back in 2020. 

Local residents can also look forward to GBTB’s 10 Years of Wonders season pass launch from now till May 2. For $20, the season pass allows unlimited entry to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest for up to six months till Oct 15.

The season passes are available on GBTB’s website and mobile app. 

GBTB’s Senior Director of Horticultural Operations Gary Chua said: “We hope visitors will take time to enjoy the exquisite  collection of artefacts on loan from the museums, amidst the beautiful landscape of peonies complemented by snapdragons, camellias, asters, and centuries-old bonsai.”

The artefacts and displays will be open for visitation at the Flower Dome from 9am to 9pm. Tickets to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are available on Gardens by the Bay’s official website

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