More showers expected for the rest of May

The rain will be in stark contrast to the hot weather experienced in the first half of May.

Maisy Phua

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Published: 16 May 2023, 6:35 PM

The weather for the rest of May is forecasted to be warm and rainy, with more showers expected as compared to the first half of the month. 

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore, Sumatra squalls will also bring widespread thundery showers accompanied by gusty winds between the pre-dawn hours and morning on several days. 

In addition, localised short-duration thundery showers can be expected over parts of the island between the afternoon and evening on some days.

Overall, near-to-above average rainfall is expected for the second half of May, and the total rainfall for the month is likely to be near average over most parts of the island.

The daily maximum temperatures are expected to range between 33 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius on most days and could reach a high of around 35 degrees Celsius on a few days.

Warm and humid conditions can also be expected on some nights, with minimum temperatures reaching 28 degrees Celsius, particularly over the southern and eastern coastal areas of the island.

The first two weeks of May were warm with maximum temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius on most days and eight days registering temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius or higher. 

On 13 May, light winds, dry and clear sky conditions resulted in high temperatures across many parts of Singapore. Several locations recorded temperatures exceeding 36 degrees Celsius, with temperatures measured in Ang Mo Kio reaching a high of 37.0 degrees Celsius, the warmest so far this year.

This temperature reading also ties with the record for highest daily maximum temperature in Singapore since temperature records began in 1929, with the same temperature recorded at Tengah on Apr 17, 1983.

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