MOH addresses common questions about COVID-19 infections

Those who were infected are still required to get their booster shots at least 90 days after the infection.

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Published: 8 February 2022, 2:01 PM

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the Ministry of Health’s call centre staff have been getting more questions about COVID-19 infection and booster jabs. 

MOH has addressed some common queries from the public in a Facebook post on Monday (Feb 7).

Our call centre staff have been working through the CNY holidays, trying their best to address public’s queries. Here are answers to some of the common questions we are getting at the call centres.

Posted by Ministry of Health, Singapore on Monday, 7 February 2022

Here are some of the points brought up by MOH:

1. Those who self-tested as ART positive mRNA vaccine doses should still get their booster

Those who were infected are still required to get their booster shots if they have not done so. MOH also said that a booster dose will ensure a longer protection against the virus. 

It is also safe for recovered patients to take the booster jab at least 90 days after recovery.

2. A negative ART result is enough to prove your recovery status

For those who are on Protocol One and are ART negative after 72 hours, a recovery memo is not needed, said MOH. 

To prove a recovery status after at least three days of isolation, only a negative ART result will be required.

Recovered patients can show their negative ART result to schools and employers to resume daily activities. Both schools and employers are also to recognise the result as a recovery status.

3. Those who self-tested as ART+ won’t have their infections recorded officially

Those who self-tested ART positive, did not visit a doctor and did self isolation can resume daily activities as soon as they test negative. However, this also means that there will be no official records of the infections and close contacts will not receive a Health Warning Risk message.

MOH is also encouraging those who were infected to take their booster still to have proper protection. There is no need to have an official infection record to get an exemption from the booster dose.

4. Those who self-tested positive for COVID and are fully vaccinated can self-discharge on the seventh day

Vaccinated patients who still test positive on their ART on the seventh day can self-discharge themselves from their self-isolation. 

Those who are unvaccinated can also self-discharge despite a positive result on Day 14.

This is because the person is highly unlikely to be infectious by then, said MOH.

Those with other questions can call the MOH COVID-19 General Enquiries Hotline at 1800 333 9999. 

Alternatively, they can check MOH’s website that outlines the steps to take if they are unsure. 

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