Mixed responses from Singaporean youths as selected nightlife establishments allowed to reopen from December

Singaporean youths we spoke to expressed their excitement following the announcement, although some are erring on the side of caution.

Phoon Jia Hui

Jack of all trades, master of drinking boba milk tea.

Published: 9 November 2020, 11:02 AM

Selected nightlife establishments will be allowed to reopen under stringent safe management measures, authorities announced on Friday (Nov 6)

As part of the pilot scheme, pubs and bars may first open before karaoke lounges and nightclubs follow suit. 

We spoke to four youths to hear their thoughts about the impending reopening of selected pubs, bars, clubs and karaoke.

Worried about partying with strangers

“Personally, I feel it is still too dangerous to party around with strangers despite the low community figures. I also think that it’s a little funny and weird that we have to put on masks when partying with our friends.

“For clubs, life starts after midnight. If the sale of alcohol is stopped at 10.30pm, then it’s a little pointless. While I’ve been looking forward to going for karaoke sessions with my friends, I find taking the COVID-19 test to be rather of a hassle and would prefer to avoid it for the time being.

“Ultimately, we still have to be responsible if we decide to go to these places.” – George Ng, 19, Student 


George is apprehensive about returning to parties. PHOTO CREDIT: PIM MYTEN ON UNSPLASH

Hoping karaoke outlets will do their part

“I’m not really for parties and clubbing but I feel like if I do go, the timing is a bit short if everything is to end by 10.30pm. There’s no guarantee you can enter either, as there will be a long queue to get in due to the capacity limit.

“Wearing masks while singing or dancing is definitely something new to me! Sometimes conversations are so muffled because we have masks on and can’t imagine singing in them. But hey, I love going to karaokes, so I’ll at least give it a go.

“I think doing the COVID-19 tests before being allowed to enter is fair, given that the virus is transmitted through droplets. Singing in an enclosed room, there’s a heightened risk. Apart from that, I will definitely put the microphone sleeve over the mic to ensure I don’t get someone else’s droplets and vice versa. I hope that karaoke outlets are proactive and do proper sanitising after every customer leaves.” – Eric Teo, 22, National Serviceman


Eric hopes karaoke branches will do their due diligence. PHOTO CREDIT: BOHED VIA PIXABAY

Looking forward to return of Mambo Jambo nights

“It is good that the government is reopening the nightlife sector, albeit with a pilot for now and in stages. Both revellers and nightspots have been badly hit by this pandemic so it’s nice we are finally seeing disco lights at the end of this tunnel.

“I’m looking forward to physical Mambo Jambo theme nights returning to Zouk. Although they have been creative in coming up with virtual Mambo Jambo nights on Zoom, nothing beats hanging out with your mates and dancing with a crowd. 

“Masking up can be inconvenient, especially if you mingle with others amid loud music blaring in the background. However, it’s a measure I’m willing to embrace if it means another step in the return to normalcy. 

“Alcohol sales are a bummer but again, I’m sure everyone will embrace this measure too.” – Terence Ong, 34, Marketing Manager


Youths are happy to be able to return to resuming nightlife activities. PHOTO CREDIT: CHRISTIAN CHEN VIA UNSPLASH

Thrilled to return despite restrictions

“Nightlife entertainment after COVID-19 will obviously be different compared to life before, but I guess it’s another step closer to normalcy. 

“With the strict measures leading to the reopening of nightlife entertainments, I’m actually pretty excited to experience it for myself with the people around me and see how it is like. 

“While it may not be the same, it could turn out to be something I would really enjoy after some time!”- Chia Yi Xin, 26, Business Development Executive

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