Ministers express their appreciation and wishes for youths in celebration of Youth Month

PM Lee prompts youths to be brave with their choices while DPM Wong encourages them to pursue their dreams, even if they might be unconventional.

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Published: 4 July 2022, 6:22 PM

With Youth Month being celebrated in July, some of our ministers took to social media to express their heartfelt sentiments, offering words of encouragement and affirmation for the youths in Singapore.

Here’s a look at what they shared: 

Be bold and look ahead

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged that the pandemic has made life challenging, especially for those who were adjusting to a new chapter in their lives. 

However, he noted that it has also brought “opportunities and possibilities”, encouraging the youths to be undaunted as they move towards the future. 

“We are all cheering you on as you strive for your dreams. For Singapore to succeed and be a home for all generations, we will need to rely on each other.”

Explore your interests

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong also chimed in, prompting youths to pursue their dreams and interests regardless of the status quo. 

“We are continuing to refresh our social compact where we value a wide variety of talents, not a conventional or narrow few; that values and celebrates all individuals for who they are.” 

In addition, DPM Wong also recommended ways for youths to unwind if they have time, citing activities like “playing music or walking in nature”. 

Be involved and play your part

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong shared that he has encountered young Singaporeans who demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the past two years and made a positive impact on the community. 

“Everyone of you can make a difference, no matter your age,” said Mr Tong. 

He also urged youths to participate in the multitude of activities which the National Youth Council has organised as part of Youth Month, mentioning that they would include industry talks and giveaways.

Acknowledging youth efforts

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu recognised the efforts of youths who have been playing their part in championing green causes. 

“Our passionate youths drive our climate action and transition towards sustainable development. 

“Whether they are representing Singapore on the world stage, or advocating for sustainability in their own communities, it has been inspiring to see them in action.” 

Reach your potential

Minister of Education Chan Chun Sing also gave his input, referring to youths as the “pulse and energy” of the country while expressing how they have inspired him with their spark and creativity. 

“You bring your unique talents to your schools, CCAs and various circles. May you never forget this as you journey on in life, and continue to hone your skills and reach your fullest potential.”

Create your own culture

Chief executive of National Youth Council David Chua expressed similar sentiments, declaring that the greatest thing to do is to discover our identity, our talents and our passions. 

As a bonus, he described Gen Zs as a “great fun bunch” and encouraged them to continue creating their own culture just like the earlier generations. 

In celebration of Youth Month, the National Youth Council will share “remarkable stories” of youths who have stepped up to help Singapore in their own ways, Minister Edwin Tong had shared in his youth month message. A series of activities have also been planned

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