MINDEF announces new FIT programme to help NSmen pass their IPPT

The NS Fitness Improvement Training programme will be introduced to encourage Operationally Ready National Servicemen to incorporate fitness and regular exercise into their lifestyles.

Jeremy Na

Just like that Khalid song, Young, dumb and broke. Ok maybe not dumb but definitely the other two.

Published: 15 March 2021, 6:08 PM

In a bid to enhance the general strength and fitness of operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen), MINDEF has implemented the NS Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) programme to incorporate regular exercise into their lifestyles.

Set to launch in April, the program is aimed at Singapore Armed Forces NSmen who are unable to pass their IPPT and will replace the IPPT preparatory training (IPT) and remedial training (RT) programmes.

NSmen can attend 10 sessions of the FIT programme (inclusive of one IPPT attempt) instead of going through IPT or RT programmes.


With a total of 42 sites to choose from, NSmen can now complete their training programme much more efficiently. IMAGE CREDIT: MINDEF SINGAPORE


This new programme also makes trainings much more convenient as it can be conducted at 42 different sites around Singapore. Additionally, there are also plans for three more sites at ActiveSG gyms in the future.

As for the sessions themselves, each one lasts between 65 to 75 minutes and ranges from IPPT-specific exercises to short bursts of high-intensity exercises. The type of training will depend on the venue, as different sites offer different options.

Home Team NSmen also stand to benefit from this new program. Starting from June, the Home Team will adopt the FIT system for its servicemen.

Hopefully with this new programme, those struggling to pass their IPPT can finally reach their fitness goals.

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