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MILO launches limited edition sachets with 6 designs featuring Singlish words; 100 24K gold bars to be won

Redemption for the gold bars are only valid till Nov 27, 11.59pm.

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Published: 20 June 2023, 5:54 PM

Purchasers of MILO’s special edition sachets can stand a chance to win 24K gold from Monday (Jun 19).

The sachets, part of the SG Design Series, come in six curated designs of Singlish words which are “often used by Singaporeans”.

This includes the words Chiong (to rush), Garang (bold or ferocious), Steady (a term of agreement or praise), Stylo (stylish), Zhng (to modify) and Kilat (excellent).


The six designs reflect words and terms that are unique to Singaporeans’ lifestyles. PHOTO CREDIT: MILO SINGAPORE


Additionally, 100 MILO ‘HUAT’ golden sachets have been hidden in the special edition sachet packs for purchasers to hunt for. When found, each MILO ‘HUAT’ golden sachet entitles the winner to redeem one bar of 24K gold.


Redemption instructions can only be found on the MILO ‘HUAT’ golden sachets. PHOTO CREDIT: MILO SINGAPORE


Redemption is only valid till Nov 27, 11.59pm.

The limited edition sachets are available in four different MILO variants – 3-in-1, Gao Siew Dai (less sugar), and the newly launched Gao Kosong (no added table sugar) and Original.

The MILO Gao Kosong and Original were previously only available in pouch and tin formats.

The Singapore Design Series packs can be purchased at local supermarkets, as well as online grocery stores.

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