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Mighty Jaxx releases 2022 F1 drivers figurines; pop-up booth from Sep 30 to Oct 2

Collectors can use the figures to access various unlockables on the Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience app.

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Published: 28 September 2022, 12:37 PM

In conjunction with F1’s return to Singapore, Singaporean toy collectible manufacturer Mighty Jaxx collaborated with F1 on a new Mighty Allstars figurine line featuring the 2022 F1 driver lineup.

This line is conceptualised and designed with YARMS, a creative studio specialising in vinyl toys and digital art projects as a tribute to iconic people and things. 

This feature includes a pair of limited edition 8” premium vinyl collectibles of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and the rest of the current 2022 grid of drivers such as Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel and Lando Norris.


According to Mighty Jaxx, the likeness of each driver is captured in their signature style of clean lines, a minimal aesthetic, and comes with a detachable team emblem. PHOTO CREDIT: MIGHTY JAXX


The figures will be priced at US$159 (S$230) each with free shipping worldwide and can be pre-ordered through the Mighty Jaxx website

Collectors can also enjoy the figures in a new dimension, through the Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience app. The collectibles serve as a digital key lock for the app, where collectors can be given access to various personalised unlockables. 

As the collection journey continues, collectors can customise their vault by showcasing their prized collections.


Collector can scan their figures to add them into their virtual vault. PHOTO CREDIT: MIGHTY JAXX


Mighty Jaxx will open a pop-up booth for F1 ticket holders at the F1 event ground from Sep 30 to Oct 2 to showcase this collection.

The pop-up booth will also feature “life-sized” figurines of world champions Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Under the Mighty Allstars line, Mighty Jaxx has also previously collaborated with F1 for the 2021 F1 driver lineup and also for other sports such as basketball’s NBA 2022 and football’s Manchester City 2022.

For those who did not get a ticket for the F1 weekend, LEGO has a pop-up booth at Orchard Road where visitors can sit in the driver’s seat for a photo in a life-sized lego replica of Mclaren’s F1 car, running until Oct 2.

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