Mighty Jaxx launches kitchenware set designed for the visually impaired

The set includes a knife with two retractable guards, a chopping board, and three modular trays of different sizes.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 3 March 2022, 2:16 PM

In a collaboration with Guide Dogs Singapore and designer Kevin Chiam, local collectibles brand Mighty Jaxx has launched the Folks Chef Waffle Edition kitchenware set for the visually impaired.

The set consists of a kitchen knife and chopping board specially designed to reduce injuries in the kitchen, empowering the visually impaired to prepare food more safely. 

The set comes in predominantly red and white colours to celebrate the Singaporean spirit behind this collaboration, said Mighty Jaxx.

The kitchen knife comes with two retractable guards – a smooth one for cutting normal foods, and a serrated one for users to have a better grip on soft foods, such as bread.

The set also comes with a chopping board and three modular trays of varied sizes to act as an extension of the hand when transferring ingredients. 

When giving a demonstration of the product, 38-year-old Nuraziana, who is diagnosed with terminal-stage juvenile glaucoma, expressed that she felt “more safe and more confident” when using the set.

“I feel like I don’t have to worry that I’m going to cut my fingers because of the safety guard,” she said. “It’s very safe. It makes my work faster.”

The kitchenware set costs USD$99 (S$134) and can be purchased on Might Jaxx’s website.

For every set purchased, 100 per cent of the proceeds and one set of Folks Chef Waffle Edition will be donated to Guide Dogs Singapore.

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