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Mighty Jaxx launches Borussia Dortmund footballers figurine collection

The exclusive figurines of Marco Reus, Erling Halland and Jadon Sancho marks Mighty Jaxx’s first sports collectible series.

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Published: 1 June 2021, 5:40 PM

Here’s exciting news for fans of German football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB), or fans of footballers Erling Haaland, Marco Reus and Jadon Sancho – Singapore designer toy company Mighty Jaxx has launched a figurine collection of the three footballers! 

As part of a collaboration with the BVB and Bundesliga, the German football league that BVB competes in, Mighty Jaxx released its first sports collectible series on Monday (May 31).

Designed by YARMS Studio, the BVB 20/21 collection features the three stars from the team – Haaland, Reus and Sancho – donning the iconic black and yellow BVB jerseys. The collectibles are eight inches in size. 

Haaland and Sancho are both among the most talented young footballers in world football, while club captain Reus is an icon at BVB, having made over 200 appearances for the club. 

Each exclusive figurine is priced at around $200. 

Mighty Jaxx also launched a separate figure of Erling Haaland in gold, to commemorate his coronation as the 2020 Golden Boy. 


The limited edition figurine of Erling Haaland (Golden Boy Edition) is entirely in gold. PHOTO CREDIT: MIGHTY JAXX


There are only 500 pieces of the limited edition Erling Haaland (Golden Boy Edition) collectible, which retails for $260, available worldwide.


The BVB collection also marks the debut of Mighty AllStars, a newly launched digitally-enabled sports collectible line by Mighty Jaxx.

Jackson Aw, founder and CEO of Mighty Jaxx said the sports collection allows the company to provide fans with immersive experiences through their “phygital” (physical to digital) collectible series.

“Fans are no longer content to be just spectators, they crave immersive experiences, having fun and being social and we believe there exists a huge opportunity for us to bridge that gap with our tech-enabled premium sports collectibles,” said Mr Aw.

Besides displaying your favourite football star on their shelf, collectors can also scan the collectible using the Mighty Jaxx app to register themselves as its owner. The collectibles are tech-enabled with the ability to access BVB-related content such as games and exclusive merchandise.

The figurines are now available for order and will ship worldwide for free, beginning in September 2021. 

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