Mid-Autumn Festival 2023: 10 unique mooncakes to try

This Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy unique flavours of mooncakes such as dirty matcha and yam paste with white rabbit candy.

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Published: 11 August 2023, 2:34 PM

With the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations around the corner, the season of mooncake shopping has arrived.

Among the signature lotus paste and egg yolk-filled pastries, recent years have brought about new unique flavours with innovative packaging.

Whether it be chocolate-covered, snowskin or its flaky Teochew counterpart, here are 10 unique mooncakes to spice up your celebrations.

1. Citrus and gula melaka mooncakes

Crafted by pastry chef Francis Wong and head chef Lim Hong Lih, 5 ON 25 in Andaz Singapore has unveiled two new flavours of baked mooncakes for this year’s festival – Citrus Surprise and Gula Galore.

Customers can enjoy a sweet mix of caramel, miso, and yuzu white chocolate in Citrus Surprise, or savour the lotus paste, gula melaka and crunchy pecan nuts in Gula Galore.


Aside from the new flavours, 5 ON 25’s also offers the Signature Tea Blend and Silver Lotus++ mooncake. PHOTO CREDIT: 5 ON 25


The mooncake packaging includes a colourful display of shophouses designed by local lifestyle brand Binary Style. 

Customers can choose from two sets that are available – the 5 ON 25 Mooncakes Set (consists of Citrus Surprise, Gula Galore, Silver Lotus++ and Signature Tea) at $88 and the four-piece 5 ON 25 Silver Lotus++ Mooncakes Set at $92.

From now until Sep 29, customers who pay with a credit or debit card can enjoy 25 per cent off when they pay with a debit or credit card. A bank-specific code will be given during the checkout.

The mooncakes can be pre-ordered from 5 ON 25’s website.

2. Bunny-shaped mooncakes

The collaboration between local artisanal leather brand Bynd Artisan and handcrafted dessert shop Sunday Folks has returned for its third year, with its Tugether in Harmony Mooncake Basket. 

It features six baked mooncakes in two flavours – yuzu custard and lava custard. They are packed in a handmade basket with an adjustable strap woven from vegan leather, along with a matching dustbag and art prints.


The leather basket can be reused for daily lifestyle needs or as decoration. PHOTO CREDIT: BYND ARTISAN, SUNDAY FOLKS


The Tugether in Harmony Mooncake Basket is priced at $108, and can be purchased on either Sunday Folks’ or Bynd Artisan’s website

From now till Aug 15, customers can enjoy an early bird discount of 10 per cent when purchasing on the Sunday Folks website, or 25 per cent off with an additional 10 per cent discount when paying with an OCBC debit or credit card from Bynd Artisan’s website.

3. Chocolate-covered mooncakes

Looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings? Sweets boutique Janice Wong has a series of colourful chocolate-covered mooncakes that might be what you are looking for.


Each mooncake is each marked by intricate hand-dripped paint. PHOTO CREDIT: JANICE WONG


Each of these mooncakes are covered in dark chocolate with a layer of chocolate sponge and ganache that comes in flavours of peanut brittle snickers, vanilla biscoff, coffee chocolate and salted pecan dark chocolate. 

The Signature Chocolate Mooncake lantern box is priced at $105 and comes in a set of eight chocolate mooncakes. It features two of each flavour, packed in a sustainable, reusable lantern packaging. 

Customers can also choose to purchase two of either peanut brittle snickers or coffee chocolate mooncakes at $22. Early birds can enjoy a 25 per cent discount on both the eight piece and two piece mooncake sets.

The chocolate-covered mooncakes can be pre-ordered on Janice Wong’s website.

4. Chocolate bon bon mooncakes

If you’re looking for another chocolate option, Mr Bucket Chocolaterie has launched its first-ever Gratitude Boxes with mooncake chocolate bon bons in four flavours – salted egg yolk, yuzu pumpkin, honey oolong, and pandan macadamia.


The chocolate bon bon mooncakes are about four times bigger than a regular bon bon. PHOTO CREDIT: MR BUCKET CHOCOLATERIE


The chocolate bon bon mooncakes come in either a box of four at $68 and a box of eight for $98. From now till Aug 15, customers can enjoy a 20 per cent early bird discount.

The mooncakes can be ordered from Mr Bucket Chocolaterie’s website.

5. Snowskin liqueur and Teochew-style mooncakes

Fans of the baked Teochew mooncakes can look forward to a colourful array of both liqueur truffle snowskin and Teochew-style treats from artisanal bakery La Levain.

The Teochew mooncakes come in three flavours – molten salted egg, bobo chacha mochi, and black sesame latte. A box of six consists of two of each flavour and priced at $82.


The box design features colourful floral motifs. PHOTO CREDIT: LA LEVAIN


For those who prefer an alcohol-infused treat, La Levain also offers a box of eight liqueur truffle snowskin mooncakes at $86. These mooncakes come in four flavours – strawberry lime, yuzu pomme, ispahan (a combination of rose, raspberry and lychee) and apricot passion fruit. 

Customers can enjoy a 25 per cent early bird discount when they order from Le Lavain’s website.

6. Snowskin cheesecake and dirty matcha mooncakes

Inspired by the classic New York cheesecake, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s newly launched mini snowskin cheesecake mooncake is filled with white lotus paste and rich cream cheese praline. 

Coffee and tea fans can also get the dirty matcha latte mini snowskin mooncake made with matcha lotus seed paste and a café latte praline.


Aside from the new releases, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant also has low sugar mooncake options available. PHOTO CREDIT: XIN CUISINE CHINESE RESTAURANT


A box of six for each flavour is priced at $76. Customers who place orders before Aug 27 can enjoy 35 per cent off their purchase.

7. Charcoal black sesame paste mooncakes

Among michelin-star restaurant Shisen Hanten’s collection of mooncakes, one standout option is its new item – the charcoal black sesame paste with sakura prawn, pistachio and melon seed mooncake.


This unique creation promises the perfect mix of sweet and savoury flavours. PHOTO CAPTION: SHISEN HANTEN BY CHEN KENTARO


The mooncake is available in a box of four priced at $88. Customers can enjoy 30 per cent off all mooncakes from now till Sep 3, and 25 per cent off all mooncakes from Sep 4 to 29 when purchasing with Citibank, AMEX, Maybank, UOB and DBS or POSB.

Customers can purchase the mooncake on Shisen Hanten’s website.

8. Four treasures snowskin mooncakes

For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Cantonese restaurant Hai Tien Lo is offering four new  flavours of snowskin mooncakes. 

These include strawberry paste Hai Tien Lo No.1 tea ganache, yam paste white rabbit candy, orange paste matcha ganache and the gula melaka paste with desiccated coconut ganache.


The mooncakes are housed in gold boxes that can be stacked together. PHOTO CREDIT: HAI TIEN LO


The mooncakes come in boxes of four at $97.20 for a single flavour and $101.50 for an assorted box of each flavour.

Customers can order the mooncakes on Hai Tien Lo’s website and choose between pickup at the Pan Pacific Singapore outlet, and doorstep delivery at a specified time and date.

9. Tea-infused rose snowskin mooncakes

Made in the shape of a rose, the Blossom and Brew collection features four mooncakes paired with a chocolate truffle centre. 

The flavours consist of honeysuckle flower with chrysanthemum, violet flower with black tea, magnolia flower with osmanthus honey and rose flower with chamomile tea.


Designed with the intention of repurposing, the interior of the box has two levels and side pockets that can hold cosmetics or stationery. PHOTO CREDIT: INTERCONTINENTAL SINGAPORE


Each set includes four of each flavour and are packed in a leatherette box with intricate prints, gold accents and a detachable and adjustable strap.

The mooncakes can be purchased on InterContinental’s website at $104. Customers who place orders by Aug 27 can enjoy 25 per cent off and 20 per cent off from Aug 28 to Sep 29.

10. Avocado, coconut, hazelnut and hojicha mooncakes

Known for its award-winning mooncakes, Ding Mooncake has unveiled four new snowskin mooncake flavours. 

Made using “premium imported ingredients”, the flavours include Fuerte avocado, Piedmont hazelnut, Kyoto hojicha and Thai young coconut.


Each box of mooncakes comes with a chiller bag and a limited edition designer box. PHOTO CREDIT: DING MOONCAKE


The mooncakes come in sets of eight with two of each flavour and are priced at $132. Customers can enjoy a 40 per cent early bird discount till the end of Aug 31 which will be automatically applied when purchasing on its website.

Customers can also purchase the mooncakes at the following mooncake fairs: 

  • VivoCity atrium: Aug 31 – Sep 29
  • B2, Takashimaya Square: Aug 24 – Sep 29 
  • Nex atrium: Sep 8 – Sep 29

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