McDonald’s will be launching Big Mac and Fries JENGA sets

And you will be lovin’ it.

Nur Sabrina

Needs her space organised and clean 24/7.

Published: 15 November 2021, 11:41 AM

Not having any plans out could get a little boring, but McDonald’s has a treat just for you and your family. 

McDonald’s will be launching the first of their JENGA sets, The Big Mac, on Nov 16 from 5pm onwards. 

The Fries JENGA set will launch a week later on Nov 23, also from 5pm onwards. The JENGA sets resemble the McDonald’s iconic Big Mac and Fries. 

Both sets will only be available on McDelivery with any purchase of a JENGA set bundle, while stocks last. Each bundle will only receive one JENGA set. 

Perhaps, staying in for the night doesn’t sound so bad now that you have good food and games with good company.

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