McDonald’s no longer providing straws for cold beverages

Plastic lids will become sippy lids as straws will no longer be available.

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Published: 10 December 2021, 5:00 PM

On Dec 10, McDonald’s announced that they will no longer be providing straws for cold beverages as part of their collective journey towards a greener planet.

SIP without the Straw

Sip without the straw. As part of our collective journey towards a greener planet, we’re making the switch to strawless lids for all cold beverage paper cups. #mcdgogreenforgood #mcdstrawlesslids

Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, December 2, 2021

In place of the usual lid with holes for straws will be sippy lids, which have been used in several countries for a while now.


Some of the countries currently using the sippy lids include Taiwan and Malaysia. PHOTO CREDIT: REDDIT/BOBIW5


Following this announcement, some netizens have expressed their confusion on Facebook about how they will drink McCafé Frappuccinos from now on, whereas some have criticised the move to be going one step forward and three steps back with the continued usage of plastic lids.

Others have even suggested encouraging customers to bring their own cups as well.

McDonald’s is the latest to hop onto the trend of no longer providing plastic straws. Other fast-food restaurants that have done so include Burger King in October 2018 and KFC in June 2018. 

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