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McDonald’s BTS Meal sauces and empty packaging being resold on Carousell

With no official merchandise to sell, some people are thinking out of the box to make a quick buck.

Xynthea Ong

Expert pinterest scroller and bubble tea lover.

Published: 21 June 2021, 3:37 PM

After a delay of three weeks, the BTS Meal has finally been launched in Singapore on Jun 21. 

Aside from local ARMYs looking forward to this meal, the collaboration with the popular K-pop boyband BTS has also attracted scalpers eager to make a quick buck, causing many to face issues on McDonald’s website.

However, as the meal did not include any official merchandise, such as a photocard or a keychain to resell, resellers had to improvise.

On various shopping platforms such as Carousell, there have been some rather bizarre listings of items from the BTS Meal. 

One seller decided to put up the brand new box along with the sauces for $50, claiming that it had not been touched. Other sellers included the cups as well. 


Is the purple packaging really worth $50 though? PHOTO CREDIT: CAROUSELL


As if these listings weren’t surprising enough, some sellers have gone a step further in the hopes of profiting from their meals. 

Aside from the sauces and meal packaging, there were even listings attempting to sell the plastic wrapper that held the two sauces.


It certainly is a way to recycle. PHOTO CREDIT: CAROUSELL


Although it is unclear if these listings are satire or not, it is definitely entertaining to see. 

For those that have yet to get their BTS Meal, hopefully this will bring a smile to your face amidst the long wait!

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