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McDonald’s brings back the seaweed shaker fries, Samurai burger from Nov 19

Your McDonald’s favourites are back, along with some new desserts.

Ardini Insyirah

All smiles and giggles especially when there’s music.

Published: 17 November 2020, 5:11 PM

McDonalds’ crowd favourites, the seaweed shaker fries as well as the Samurai and Ninja burgers are back! 

Starting from Nov 19, you can just head down to a McDonald’s outlet near you to enjoy it.


The double Samurai beef burger that we all know and love. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S


The Samurai beef burger comes with a choice of a single or double patty. Dipped in their signature teriyaki sauce, the patty is paired with crispy lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. It is available from $6.20.

You can already imagine the crunch you’ll get from one bite of this burger. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S


For those who don’t consume beef, you can go for the Ninja chicken burger. 

It comes with charcoal buns, a crispy chicken thigh glazed with a sweet nanban sauce, shredded white cabbage, crunchy cucumber slices and some Japanese tartar sauce.


The seaweed shaker fries is making its comeback in all its glory. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S


To get the seaweed shaker fries, simply top up S$0.70 to upsize your meal. 

The soft-serve comes in an aromatic blend of coffee and milk tea. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S


McDonald’s will also be launching a new Coffee Milk Tea ice-cream series which will also be known as “yuan yang”. 

From ice-cream cones (from $1) to the classic sundaes (from $2) to your favourite McFlurries (from $3), these desserts will go perfect with the Samurai and Ninja burgers. It will also be great on its own!

Are you excited for this comeback? Then head down to McDonald’s soon, because these treats are available while stocks last.

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