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McDonald’s brings back McGriddles, with new chicken version

For a limited time only, McDonald’s is bringing back fan favourite McGriddles and Kit Kat McFlurry.

Caleb Lau

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Published: 28 February 2022, 1:24 PM

The familiar sweet pancake buns and savoury sausage patty combo has just made its return to McDonald’s menus.

From Feb 28, the fast food chain is bringing back the McGriddles series and Kit Kat McFlurry, for a limited time. 

This time around, along with making the McGriddles available throughout the day, a new chicken patty version has been added. 

As its name suggests, the Chicken McGriddles with Egg swaps out the sausage patty for a chicken one, still retaining the distinct maple-flavoured buns, melted cheese and egg.


Ala-carte orders of the (from left) Sausage and Chicken McGriddles with Egg are priced at $5.90, and the McGriddles Stack at $6.70. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S


Another item returning to our menus is the Kit Kat McFlurry and Chocolate Pie.


(From left) The Kit Kat McFlurry, with bite-sized Kit Kat chunks, comes at $3 and the Chocolate Pie with molten chocolate filling at $1.50. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S


Both the all-day McGriddles and other offerings can be ordered in stores or via the McDelivery app.

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