Marvel and VIZ Media to release three Marvel-themed manga in English

The upcoming release will include ‘Marvel Meow’, ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Secret Reverse’.

Noreen Shazreen

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Published: 23 April 2021, 1:00 PM

After years of anticipation, Marvel has finally fulfilled every superhero fan’s wish by bringing the popular characters of the Marvel universe to manga!

In their first collaboration with famous American manga publisher VIZ Media, Marvel has announced the upcoming release of three Marvel-themed manga – Marvel Meow, Deadpool and Secret Reverse – in English.

Written and drawn by Nao Fuji, the first manga Marvel Meow will be released on Oct 12. 

First appearing on Marvel’s official Instagram comic strips, Captain Marvel’s cat, Chewie, stars in the manga and “wreaks havoc” on other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A second manga for all Deadpool fans will be launched in February 2022. 

Deadpool: Samurai will follow the adventures of the Merc with a Mouth as he is transported to feudal Japan. 

The popular Japanese manga series written by Sanshirou Kasama and drawn by Hikaru Uesugi will be translated into an English version as part of the new publishing series. 

Originally a one-shot deal, the manga was expanded into an ongoing series after it gained overwhelming popularity and demand. The first two chapters of Deadpool: Samurai surpassed over one million views each, making it the biggest-selling manga in Japan on release.

The third manga, Secret Reverse by Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Kazuki Takahashi, will be released later in 2022, with more exciting titles expected to follow.

Marvel Meow and Deadpool: Samurai are expected to be available in print and on digital platforms. 

Marvel Meow is now available for pre-order via Amazon. Fans can check out Marvel’s official website for more updates on the upcoming manga. 

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